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Shortlisted Startup Ideas Briefs

1st Cohort


Licious store is a brand which ignites the senses with handcrafted scented candles, currently we have 17 essential oils that gives a luxurious escape at budget-friendly prices. We give the experiences beyond illumination, where relaxing fragrances meets uniqueness. Now, we’re expanding into the entire home decor products, for making Licious a one-stop shop for individuals seeking to elevate their living space.
Introducing the ApplianceSense chip, a revolutionary advancement for electrical meters. Our state-of-the-art chip, seamlessly integrated into electrical meters, utilizes advanced sensors and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to accurately differentiate and measure the consumption of various home appliances. ApplianceSense provides detailed insights into each appliance’s electricity usage, promising to transform billing accuracy. This innovation meets the growing need for personalized electricity management in households, thereby promoting sustainability. ApplianceSense is poised to redefine the way we understand and utilize electricity in our homes. Join us on this journey to forge a smarter and more sustainable future for households everywhere.
Peregrine is a which is going to introduce groundbreaking liquid paint infused with coolant chemicals, strategically engineered to minimize heat absorption and mitigate thermal gain in buildings. Peregrine is a multifaceted encompassing product, service, and business elements.
Thari Handicraft
Thari Handicrafts is a platform where tradition blends with exquisite artistry! our startup showcases and sells a diverse range of stunning handmade crafts.rom the renowned Sindhi Rilli to meticulously crafted bed sheets, shawls, pillows, and enchanting jewelry, we offer an array of authentic creations. Our collection also features unique home decor items like handcrafted peacock feather fans, combining traditional methods with innovative materials. As we extend our reach beyond Tharparkar to national and international markets, our mission is to bridge the gap between our skilled artisans and discerning customers.


Introducing Partner’s Pocket Perfumes: Convenient, effective, and budget-friendly scents for everyone, available at street cabins, tea cafes, and retail outlets. Instantly freshen up anywhere, removing cigarette smells and unpleasant odors on the go.
Wear Breeze
WearBreeze is a platform where a men’s loose-size clothing brand addressing a market gap for stylish, comfortable, and well-fitting attire in larger sizes. We aim to provide diverse fashionable options that enhance confidence and comfort for men who struggle to find suitable clothing. Emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in sizing, we cater to a loyal customer base seeking both style and functionality. With WearBreeze, overweight men can confidently wear designer clothes in sizes that suit them best, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.
Stock Market Prediction Model
We’re enhancing stock exchange prediction accuracy beyond 70% by integrating real-time trends with historical data, using machine learning techniques. Our model prioritizes a user-friendly interface, commercial viability, and measurable improvements, aiming to outperform existing methods. Through rigorous research and leveraging state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure adaptability to dynamic market changes.


Our startup basically is product based name Dentswak. It’s a Wooden based brush with Miswak bristles which is sustainable and eco friendly product for our Pakistani Market.
Smoothie Cube
Introducing Smoothie Cubes: the ultimate solution for health-conscious individuals seeking convenient and nutritious smoothies. Our frozen smoothie cubes cater to busy professionals, students, athletes, families, and anyone prioritizing health. Simply blend with water or milk for a delicious and instant smoothie. “The healthy way to start your day.”
Steak Meat Street
Introducing “Steak Meets Street”: Bringing steak culture to the streets of Karachi with affordable prices and accessibility for everyone. We’re breaking stereotypes and promoting inclusivity by offering high-quality steak cuts at reasonable prices. Through social media marketing and awareness campaigns, we aim to change perceptions and make steak a staple for all. Our unique selling points include competitive pricing, high-quality products, and easy accessibility. Join us in revolutionizing the way Karachi enjoys steak!
Hunt Endz
Hunt Endz one-stop solution for freelancers and businesses in Pakistan’s booming industry.Our platform revolutionizes the way freelancers connect with clients through four unique strategies: reaching out to businesses, verifying freelancer samples, filtering and matching options akin to dating apps, and daily activities for freelancers to boost profile rankings.
NFT Reward Games
NFT Reward Games is a revolutionizing gaming with NFTs! Picture a 3D gaming realm where players, armed with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) minted securely through MetaMask and Ethereum, hold genuine ownership of their in-game triumphs. Our vision is to redefine player engagement, creating a vibrant community around tradable digital assets. This project isn’t just about gaming; it’s about pioneering a fusion of blockchain and entertainment. With a unique NFT reward system and economic models, we’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it. Join us in reshaping the future of gaming through innovation, ownership, and the power of NFTs!
A revolutionary hearing aid that not only helps its user hear better but learns and adapts to their unique needs. Our bone conduction hearing aid, enhanced with machine learning, would deliver crystal-clear sound by vibrations transmitted directly to the inner ear. This technology allows for a comfortable and personalized listening experience, adjusting in real-time to the surroundings. We are looking to bring this innovative, personalized hearing aid to the market, improving the lives of millions across the globe.
cav-tee (cavity detection app)
Dental cavities is one of the most common oral diseases that, if left untreated, can lead to a variety of oral problems. It mainly occurs inside the pits and fissures on the occlusal/buccal/palatal surfaces of molars and children are a high-risk group for pit and fissure caries. The observed issue is the reluctance of individuals in our community to visit the dentist for regular check-ups, leading to significant delays in addressing dental problems and gradual fall of their teeth. We deploy the pre-trained network to mobile App devices, allowing in-home detection by parents or children guardian. The dental care market is the primary focus, encompassing potential customers such as dentists and individuals seeking preventive dental care.
ParkEase is a hassle-free parking reservation app that aims to simplify the process of finding and reserving parking spaces in urban areas. The app will provide a convenient and efficient plan for urban drivers to locate and reserve parking spots in advance, eliminating the stress and frustration. By using modern technology like user friendly interface, online payments, e-receipts, ParkEase seeks to revolutionize the parking experience for urban drivers. Our solution bridges the gap for bachelor students aspiring for success. We provide comfortable living spaces to facilitate their learning journey. With peaceful accommodations, we empower students to focus on their goals and achieve success. Join us in creating a supportive environment for students to thrive in their academic and career pursuits.
Apartment Management System
The apartment management system streamlines residential property management with a user-friendly interface, automated rent collection, maintenance request tracking, and tenant communication channels. It integrates real-time analytics for financial tracking and occupancy rates, ensuring data protection for managers and tenants. The system also features a mobile app for on-the-go management, enhancing efficiency and tenant satisfaction. The goal is to revolutionize property management by optimizing operations and improving tenant relations..
Step into the realm of ExperiMindscape, an immersive and secure digital platform transforming the way we explore chemistry. Our innovative software employs advanced algorithms and simulations, ensuring precise and safe experimentation in a completely simulation environment. Users can conduct a diverse array of chemistry experiments, from simulations to real-time data analysis, all within the confines of their digital workspace. This cutting-edge virtual lab not only fosters scientific curiosity but also prioritizes accuracy and safety, providing a dynamic and risk-free avenue for students, researchers, and enthusiasts to delve into the fascinating world of chemistry. Welcome to the future of virtual hands-on experimentation!
ZB EcoLoom
Our startup envisions a sustainable future by revolutionizing the manufacturing process of furniture. We specialize in crafting lumbers from recycled plastic waste, employing an eco-friendly approach to tackle environmental challenges. Our innovative production line integrates a cutting-edge plastic shredder and extruder, transforming discarded plastic into durable, versatile lumber. These plastic lumbers become the building blocks for our unique line of furniture items, ranging from stool chairs to park benches. Embracing a circular economy, our startup not only reduces plastic pollution but also pioneers a greener way to furnish spaces. Join us on our mission to turn waste into functional and stylish solutions.
Developing an AI-powered, compact ECG device and mobile application for home-based cardiac monitoring in Pakistan. The device enables users to conduct ECG tests at home, facilitating early detection of heart-related abnormalities. The mobile app provides seamless communication with healthcare providers, offers remote ECG analysis, and supports telemedicine consultations. This solution aims to improve access to cardiac care, particularly in underserved communities, and empower users to take control of their cardiac health.
Time Trader
An online platform and cross-platform app connecting users seeking assistance with individuals capable of completing diverse tasks. Users can create pledges for any task, fostering a global network of collaboration. Whether it’s obtaining specific information or completing physical tasks, our platform facilitates seamless connections. To incentivize participation, rewards are offered, with a 5-10% commission ensuring sustainability. For instance, someone needing medical information from a distant hospital can post a pledge, and a nearby user can fulfill the request for a negotiated reward. This versatile solution transcends boundaries, promising a dynamic, user-centric ecosystem. Seeking investment to revolutionize task-based interactions on a global scale.
Tailorship is a platform for the Customer and tailor where ,We connect customers with skilled tailors for personalized clothing solutions, eliminating the hassle of searching for the right tailor. Tailors gain more visibility and customers, while customers enjoy convenient stitching services tailored to their preferences. Additionally, we offer pick-up and delivery services, benefiting tailors, customers, and delivery personnel alike
Sultah was founded with a mission to empower individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle by promoting healthy foods & making a culture of healthy eating at societal level. Our vision is to be the leading provider of delicious & nutritious meals accessible for everyone at affordable cost which not only enhance health but also contributes to a more sustainable & greener planet. Key features of Sultah: – Uniquely crafted menu – Customizable meals – Convenient delivery – Nutrition education initiatives – Discouraging fad diets – Minimizing food wastage – Providing digitization of platform – Free diet consultation – Capacity building
NQ Cakes
NQ Cakes is a crafting custom cakes and desserts platform. Led by a passionate artisan, we prioritize top-notch quality, uniqueness, and customer satisfaction. From personalized cakes to a tempting array of desserts, we offer tailored experiences that elevate celebrations. Each bite reflects our dedication and craftsmanship, ensuring a delightful journey of flavors for memorable experiences in every celebration. Join us for a unique and unforgettable culinary adventure with NQ Cakes.
Bint-e-hawwa Organic
Bint-e-hawwa Organic a revolutionary solution for Karachi’s hair care challenges. Our range includes revitalizing organic shampoo, nourishing natural hair oil, and acne-fighting organic soap. Designed to combat the impact of water quality on hair health, our products offer proven results and transformation in hair care.

IT Rats Tech Solutions

IT RATS TECH SOLUTIONS is a platform where we offer bespoke bus travel app solutions tailored for corporate entities. With expertise in app development, we customize features, themes, and branding to meet each client’s specific requirements. Our service provides seamless, branded transport solutions, enhancing corporate identity and convenience. By delivering adaptable and user-centric apps, we aim to revolutionize corporate transport, offering efficiency and personalized branding in today’s digital age.

Shopiverse is Pakistan’s first virtual mall, where shoppers experience the thrill of virtual shopping at its finest! Dive into a world of fashion, tech, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. Join us and explore the future of shopping today.
University Guide
University Guide a complete 3D navigation system for our University. Users can easily navigate to various locations such as the Account Office, Admin Block, Library, and Food Court using AI navigation. The app also features a game-like mode for exploring the campus freely. Additionally, it assists with university processes like issuing transcripts and challan forms. Experience seamless navigation and enhanced university services with our innovative app.
Tranquillo is a 24/7 mental health hotline for instant text and audio message support. The app features in-depth resources, including a daily progress tracker, mood tracker, activity tracker, and most importantly, a ‘call’ feature to have access to certified PFA providers. Other important features include booking in-app therapy sessions with licensed professionals with convenience and personalization. In the later run, the app will have a moderated ‘Anonymous Community Posting’ feature. Another feature of the app would be self-assessment with the option to receive results.
Sensory Integration
Sensory Integration ss innovative therapy tool offers multiple sensory stimuli through various elements like sand, bosu ball, and visual and auditory sensations. Each Beam Box is customizable and features adjustable surfaces to cater to individual patient needs and interests. The therapy works by stimulating nerves in the affected limb, promoting blood flow, and improving the brain’s ability to learn and adapt. Our hypothesis suggests that sensory input therapy can enhance motor function and balance in stroke patients with lower limb dysfunction. Supported by evidence from studies, our Beam Box aims to revolutionize motor function rehabilitation with its comprehensive sensory integration approach.
Rapid Pay
Rapid Pay is a fintech startup revolutionizing Pakistan’s digital payment and lending landscape. This innovative idea aims to materialize and provide facilitation to the masses, fundamentally transforming the fintech industry in Pakistan with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by the common person.
Advertise Connect Link [ACL]
Advertise Connect Link [ACL] is revolutionize advertising by connecting billboard owners, public transport, and private vehicle owners with advertisers. Our platform streamlines the process, enabling advertisers to easily book ad space on billboards and vehicles. This online model eliminates the hassle of individual outreach, providing a seamless and efficient solution for all parties involved. Billboard owners and transport operators benefit by monetizing their unused space, creating a win-win scenario. Join us in reshaping the advertising landscape with our innovative platform.
Automatic Waste Segregation Trashcan (AWST)
Automatic Waste Segregation Trashcan (AWST) is connecting billboard owners, public transport, and private vehicle owners with advertisers, streamlining the process for booking ad space. Our online platform eliminates the need for individual outreach, providing a seamless and efficient solution. Billboard owners and transport operators can monetize their unused space, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.