As per policy of Iqra University, refund of fee shall be applicable for new applicant on the
following criteria:

  1. Tuition Fee is refundable in accordance with the guidelines of Higher Education
    Commission (HEC).
  2. Please note that the said policy will be applicable from the commencement of classes; not
    from the date of admission.
  3. The same policy will be applicable to all those candidates who are eligible for admissions
    whether their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC-II) examination result is available or not.
Commencement of classes Refund % of tuition fee
Up to 7 th day of commencement of classes(1st week of the semester) Full (100%) Refund of tuition fees only.
From 8 th – 15 th day of commencement of classes (2nd week of the semester) Half (50%) Refund of tuition fees only.
After second week of commencement of classes No Refunds

How to apply for refund:

Write an email at admission@iqra.edu.pk with the Subject: Fee Refund – Batch (as per admit card) – Student ID

Batch: Fall, Spring or Summer
(Attach your paid fee voucher to the email)

After the process is complete you will be updated once your cheque is ready, the process would require 40-45 days after the commencement of classes.