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Master of Science in Data Science


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Master of Science in Data Science

Organizations are immersed in a sea of data, generating zettabytes daily. As data volumes soar exponentially, the need arises to unearth valuable concealed patterns within this wealth of information. Iqra University’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) programme empowers students with precisely the skills needed to excel in today’s data-driven landscape. The programme is tailored for students in computer science and related STEM fields, enabling them to seamlessly apply their data science expertise to a multitude of domains.

Our curriculum places great emphasis on crafting thoughtful solutions to business challenges, employing effective analytical techniques, and presenting innovative outcomes. Throughout the programme, students progressively construct portfolios of intricate projects, employing popular programming languages like R and Python, aligning with the dynamic IT industry’s expectations. A key facet of our programme is enabling students to adeptly handle vast and intricate datasets using computational, statistical, and machine learning methods.

The programme aims to empower talented young scholars with cutting-edge skills in machine learning, computer vision, data analytics, and natural language processing.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

Data scientist is recognized as one of the top three Best Jobs, as per Glassdoor rankings. This field is expected to experience a growth rate of over 30 percent in the next decade. With its continuous evolution, data scientists are redefining their roles in various stages of the business cycle, encompassing modeling, engineering, and management, and playing a crucial part in shaping the interdisciplinary nature of this field. Some key technical and managerial positions that could be filled by the programme graduates are:

  1. Data Developer

  2. Data Scientist

  3. Data Mining Engineer

  4. Statistician
  5. Business Intelligence Developer

  6. Machine Learning Engineer

  7. Infrastructure Architect

  8. Applications Architect

  9. Advanced Data Analyst


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