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Bachelors of Science in Computer Science


Introduction to

Science in Computer Science

The BS (Computer Science) program offered by the department, emphasizes on the core areas of Computer Science with major focus on subjects relevant to Object Oriented Programming, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Machine Learning, Mobile Application Development, Database Management System, FPGA Based System, Microprocessors based Systems.  The curriculum is designed to provide the students with a solid foundation of basic principles along with analytical techniques and design procedures. It has a strong design component that builds their ability to bring theoretical ideas into practical shape. The program has been developed in consultation with field experts to maintain teaching quality and relevance. In addition to the academic content, emphasis is given to the development of personal, managerial and presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

Acquiring a degree in Bachelors of Computer Science at Iqra University enabled a candidate with higher possibility to get ‘Hired” quickly not only locally but in the global IT market. According to, a renowned online website for freelancers, every other day more than 20+ jobs published for computer science graduates. Daxx, a Global Tech published that there is a shortfall of talent for computer science graduate’s shortage in the US compare to the average for all occupations. Courses, Practice sessions in labs, Workshops, Webinars and Projects escalates the in-hand knowledge to our students that extend the reach towards global computer science & IT market focusing data science, machine learning, AI experts and web developers for companies across borders.


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