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Master of Science in Software Engineering


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Master of Science in Software Engineering

Software engineering is a realm where science is merged with art enabling us to interface with today’s digital devices. The MS Software Engineering (MSSE) programme at Iqra University is intertwining of innovation and research in a symphony of knowledge. This visionary program beckons to those adorned with a computer science or related bachelor’s degree, regardless of their prior footsteps in the realm of work, and who seek to build a strong background in software engineering. This programme caters to students aspiring to gain a comprehensive grasp of creating reliable, large-scale software systems, delving into the intricacies of processes, tools, and techniques involved.

The course curriculum offers a comprehensive and intensive exploration of modern software concepts and techniques. It takes a holistic approach by covering financial and legal aspects, technical concepts, security, and software design, software process assessment and improvement, software testing, project management, and software engineering ethics. These skills equip them for high-level positions at the management level or above. Software engineering has expanded beyond high-tech industries to encompass a wide range of fields. Nowadays, the skills transcend industries, be it healthcare, finance, retail, or research. Pursuing a master’s degree enhances their ability to apply their expertise across diverse sectors, fostering a versatile and rewarding career journey.

At Iqra University, students are shaped into innovative thinkers, adept engineering architects, and influential leaders at the dynamic crossroads of computer science, engineering, and ethics. The goal is to prepare them for the dynamic convergence of computer science, engineering, and ethics, where they can make a profound impact.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

Software engineering offers immense opportunities for growth and rewards. Pursuing a master’s degree can equip individuals for advanced roles and diverse domains in this field. Iqra University’s MS in Software Engineering unlocks a world of coveted positions, offering you a competitive edge in diverse and exciting roles, such as:

  1. Computer Network Architect
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Embedded Software Engineer
  4. Information Systems Manager
  5. Lead Software Engineer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Systems Architect


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