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Here are some of the major reasons to be part of Iqra University


Ranked University of Pakistan

  • IU has been ranked Number-1 by Higher Education Commission in Business Education Category.

  • IU has been chartered by the Government of Sindh via ordinance VI of 2000 and recognized by the Higher Education Commission.

  • IU has been rated as the best private sector university in Sindh as per CEIC evaluation.

  • IU has been rated by CEIC as a Six Star Institution.

  • IU has been placed in “W4” category, the top category, by HEC.

  • IU has established a network of campuses in the federal and provincial capitals of Pakistan.

  • IU has maintained the most economical fee structure among all leading private educational institutions in Pakistan.

  • IU’s programs in Advertising, Animation, and Film and TV Production are supported by the most comprehensive and latest technology.

  • IU has the most modern and comprehensive Fashion Design Program in Sindh.

  • Faculty of IU includes the largest number of PhDs among the private universities of Pakistan.

  • IU collaborates with universities of international repute for student and faculty exchange programs.

  • The curricula designed at IU meet internationally accepted standards.

  • IU facilitates all its graduates with job placement in leading organizations. Its students’ pre-graduation employment rate is highest amongst all Universities.

  • IU keeps its students informed through an online Student Information Center.

  • IU facilitates its students with online faculty lectures and virtual classrooms.

  • An online library with over 40,000 books and journals is always available for IU students and faculty.

  • Executive Development Center at IU frequently holds trainings/workshops in a spacious auditorium with a seating capacity of 400-450 people.

  • The number of research papers published by IU faculty and students is the highest among all business and engineering schools of Sindh

  • IU students can enjoy the facilities of a sports complex along with a swimming pool and a fully equipped gymnasium.

  • IU sports teams have achieved the highest number of awards among all private-sector institutions and also represented Pakistan in Asian Games.

  • U students have won several top awards in the national and international advertising and film production competitions.