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Bachelors of Textile Design


Introduction to

Bachelors of Textile Design

The curriculum of the programme is premeditated to evolve thought process and creativity in the field of textile. At AIFD, Textile Design department provides a professional, multi-disciplined, career ready education balanced by a comprehensive design education and a global perspective. Students are exposed to new artistic and technological possibilities for all types of surfaces and fabrics. It is an infusion of knowledge and methodology which empowers students with imagination and competence to be individual entrepreneurs and to have the ability to perform in any segment of the textile industry.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

There are many job roles within the field of digital marketing. Here are some common ones:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager: Oversees all aspects of a company’s digital marketing strategy, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and content creation.
  2. Social Media Manager: Develops and implements social media strategies to promote a brand, engage with customers, and increase brand awareness.
  3. Content Marketing Manager: Develops and manages content marketing strategies, including blog posts, videos, social media, and other digital content to engage and inform customers.
  4. Performance Marketer: Manages paid advertising campaigns on search engines, social media platforms, and other digital channels to drive traffic and conversions.
  5. E-commerce Manager: Oversees the online sales of a company’s products or services, including managing the website, optimizing the user experience, and implementing marketing strategies to increase sales.
  6. SEO Specialist: Focuses on optimizing a company’s website for search engines to improve its visibility and ranking in search results.


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