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Iqra University is committed to organising research programs, seminars, workshops, and symposiums. These initiatives are carried out by various vibrant student societies, each focusing on different areas of interest. The university proudly presents the following societies and clubs:


Climate Change Society

Our Purpose To raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, advocate for sustainable practices, and inspire action within the university and...

CSR Society

Our Purpose To advocate for and promote ethical business practices, social responsibility, and corporate citizenship among students and businesses. This...

Debates and Literary Society

Our Purpose To cultivate critical thinking, effective communication, and a love for literature and debate among students. This society aims...

Dramatics Society

Our Purpose To provide a creative platform for students interested in theatrical arts, enabling them to express themselves, collaborate with...

Entrepreneurship Society

Our Purpose To cultivate and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among students by offering resources, guidance, and opportunities to develop innovative...

Events Society

Our Purpose To enhance campus life and foster a vibrant and engaging community by planning, organizing, and executing a variety...

Freelancing Society

Our Purpose To support and unite students interested in pursuing freelance work across diverse domains, providing them with the necessary...

Gaming and Robotics Society

Our Purpose To delve into the realm of gaming, software development, and robotics, fostering a community of tech enthusiasts and...

Health and Fitness Club

Our Purpose To promote and encourage healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, and overall wellbeing among students by offering education, activities, and...

Islamic Guidance Club

Our Purpose To promote understanding, appreciation, and application of Islamic teachings, values.This society aims to host educational sessions, lectures, and...

Marketing Society

Our Purpose To immerse students in the dynamic world of marketing, equipping them with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in...

Media and Film Society

Our Purpose To explore and celebrate the diverse facets of media production, including film, television, and new media, fostering a...

Music Society

Our Purpose To celebrate and explore music as a universal art form, providing opportunities for performance, appreciation, collaboration, and skill...

NISA Society

Our Purpose To empower and support women in their personal, academic, and professional endeavors, and to advocate for gender equality,...

Photography Society

Our Purpose To champion photography as a powerful medium for creative expression and storytelling, fostering a vibrant community of aspiring...

Sports Society

Our Purpose To promote physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship by offering a variety of athletic activities, events, and training opportunities...

Ushers Club

Our Purpose To enhance the overall quality and professionalism of university events by providing exceptional assistance and support, ensuring a...

Wellbeing Society

Our Purpose To prioritize and promote the holistic wellbeing of students, focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health. This society...
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