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Associate Degree in Hospitality & Tourism


Introduction to

Hospitality & Tourism

Iqra University in partnership with Hashoo School of Hospitality (HSHM) is offering a cost-effective and flexible Associate Degree/ International Program in Hospitality and Tourism to train future leaders in the hospitality sector. The programme is developed has been developed in collaboration with Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), UK ( who are the leaders in teaching Hospitality and Tourism whilst providing pathways to a number of universities globally. This program offers an in-depth understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, including scope of hotel and restaurant management, food and beverage operations, event planning, tourism marketing, and customer service etc. Students after completing the program, have a vibrant opportunity to start their careers in Pakistan or overseas.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

The scope of this degree can include roles in hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, and other hospitality and tourism businesses. Graduates may work in areas such as hotel management, event planning, food and beverage management, tourism development, travel agencies, and more.

Some of the main areas of focus within hospitality and tourism include:

  1. All students whether completing their two-year Associate Degree Program / International Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism or pursuing their final year from a number of universities offered by CTH after completing their studies will be offered “GUARANTEED JOB PLACEMENTS”, at renowned hotels owned and operated by Hashoo Group spread all over the country (T&C apply).
  2. Globally accepted two years program/ degree enables you to seek employment worldwide or continue further studies.
  3. The program not only grooms students academically but also prepares them to be the business managers, future leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of Hospitality and Tourism.

Overall, hospitality and tourism professionals work in a variety of settings, including hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and tourism destinations, and they are involved in all aspects of hospitality and tourism management, from operations and customer service to marketing and sustainability. The field of hospitality and tourism is constantly evolving, and professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to ensure that their businesses are competitive and successful.

Additionally, the global nature of the hospitality and tourism industry can provide opportunities for graduates to work and travel internationally. With the continued growth of the travel and tourism industry, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is expected to remain strong in the coming years.


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