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Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science


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Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science

The cutting-edge graduate thesis and course-based program is designed to upgrade student’s core practical skills of computer science and transform them into innovative and quality researchers providing them with skills aiming to address problems of critical societal need and to generate new knowledge. PhD program in Computer Science comprises of 18 credit hours of course work and 18 credit hours of dissertation, which is completely in-line with HEC requirements. It is the highest research degree offered by Iqra University. The program aims to equip the scholars with a thorough understanding of the principles of Computer Science and its applications in various fields. Keeping research as the central metaphor, the program aims at giving scholars comprehensive knowledge of research through a well-designed curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

Our graduates put themselves in an ideal position to land their dream job, be it working at a software house, IT department of banks, multi-nationals, government agencies, or finding a position in academia or starting their own businesses. Many of our graduates find it relatively easy to secure a professional position in the middle east, European or American job markets, as well as securing an admission for higher studies in foreign universities.

In addition to the ever-increasing demand of highly professional computer scientist, the PayScale of such positions is generally higher than those of competing degrees.

The job market and research opportunities for PhDs in Computer Science are very strong, with a growing demand for highly skilled computer scientists in industry, government, and academia. The state-of-the-art research and valuable training open vast array of career paths for the candidate apart from academia:

Here are some general paths that are opened to PhD candidates:

  1. Industrial R&D
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Postdoctoral Research
  4. Government and Not for Profit Organizations
  5. Consultancy
  6. Teaching and Education


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