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The Department of Health Sciences at Iqra University offers a four-year degree programme in BS Microbiology. This programme is designed to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive education in microbiology, emphasizing its importance and relevance in various biological disciplines.

Microbiology is one of the most significant and complex branches of biology, encompassing a wide range of fascinating fields of study. From medical microbiology to molecular biology, from veterinary microbiology to industrial and environmental microbiology, and from parasitology to mycology, bacteriology, and virology—microbiology serves as an umbrella term for diverse areas of research.

As the field continues to evolve, the scope of microbiology is constantly expanding, not only in Pakistan but across the globe. With its demanding and promising nature, a degree in microbiology opens doors to exciting career opportunities in academics, government institutes, hospitals, pharmacies, industrial laboratories, dental schools, and beyond.

Our BS Microbiology programme equips students with the necessary skills to become productive and ethical contributors to scientific research. Graduates will be well-prepared to pursue further education through graduate programme or embark on careers in various sectors. The programme also caters to students interested in non-research roles, such as administrative positions in the industry and teaching.

By choosing to study microbiology at Iqra University, you will embark on a journey of discovery and exploration into the fascinating world of microorganisms. Our dedicated faculty members, futuristic facilities, and interdisciplinary approach will provide you with a multifaceted education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

The career prospects for education in microbiology in Pakistan as well as globally are quite favourable. A microbiologist can easily get the employment in any one of the job areas:

  1. Research and Development

  2. Public Health Departments

  3. Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

  4. Food and Beverage Industry

  5. Industrial and Applied Microbiology

  6. Academia and Education


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