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Bachelors of Business Administration


Introduction to

Business Administration

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) degree provides students with a broad understanding of various aspects of business management, including finance, accounting, marketing, economics, operations management, and business strategy. It is a versatile degree that offers a wide range of career options in various industries.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

Here are some examples of career paths that a BBA degree can lead to:

  1. Management: Graduates with a BBA degree can pursue careers as managers in various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, or finance. They can manage teams, oversee operations, and make important business decisions.
  2. Sales and Marketing: A BBA degree can prepare students for careers in sales and marketing, where they can utilize their knowledge of consumer behavior, advertising, and promotions to develop and implement successful marketing campaigns.
  3. Finance: Students with a BBA degree can pursue careers in finance as financial analysts, investment bankers, or financial advisors. They can use their knowledge of financial management and accounting to help businesses make sound financial decisions.
  4. Human Resources: A BBA degree can also prepare students for careers in human resources, where they can use their knowledge of organizational behavior, employee relations, and labor laws to manage the workforce.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Some students with a BBA degree choose to start their own businesses, using their knowledge of business operations, marketing, and finance to launch successful ventures.


Overall, a BBA degree offers a wide range of career opportunities, making it a valuable degree for students interested in business management and entrepreneurship.


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