Our alumni have accomplished amazing things.
We’re proud to be a part of their journey.

Babar Jamal

Studied:               MBA, Marketing
Attended:           Batch of 2013
Designation:     Business Head – Zambia
Organization:   Burque Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

IU is not only an Institute that grants you recognized credentials, but it also grooms you to become a professional with aspired set of skills.
I am proud to be an Alumni of IU.

Zehra Ismail

Studied:               MBA, Supply Chain
Attended:           Batch of 2015
Designation:     Manager Supply Chain
Organization:   K-Electric

IU is an exciting learning place where proficient teachers are there to lead you with a lot of real life cases and examples which helps in solving issues we face in our job and excel in our career. The knowledge I gained from IU helped me in in not only leading international and local projects but also helped me in accomplishing my career targets.

Muhammad Ahmed

Studied:               MBA, Marketing
Attended:           Batch of 2015
Designation:     Business Manager(International)
Organization:   English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd.

The best thing about IU is that it complements and enhances commitment to your career for the long-term. Their philosophy is to bring life to the courses they are teaching by linking it with real world scenarios. With experienced faculty, IU helps in sharpening strategic analysis skills and apply critical thinking to complex resource and economic challenges.

Haris Mahmood

Studied:               MBA, HR
Attended:           Batch of 2018
Designation:     Manager Training & Development
Organization:   M&P Express Logistics (Private) Limited

As so rightly said by Ama Ata Aidoo: “the best thing about memories is making them”.

I am so glad that I joined this academia, not just for the knowledge I acquired here but for giving me challenges, mentors, batch mates and memories of a lifetime. The best thing about Iqra University is that along with theoretical classes we were always given chances to explore the practical side of the learning through projects, activities and corporate visits.

Now, when I look back, I realize that IU has played a vital role in the early success of my career as by all these activities and projects the two key things that they helped us learn were Teamwork and Collaboration which surely are the essence for growth in corporate life.

Subayyal Ahmed Khan

Studied:               MBA, HR
Attended:           Batch of 2017
Designation:     Deputy Mangar HR
Organization:   Dollar Industries Pvt. Limited (Stationery Manufacturers)

After a detailed research, I chose Iqra University to be my alma mater because I was convinced that the MBA program at Iqra University possessed the type of content that I needed to carve my own path as a future leader in the field. The biggest advantage was to learn from PHDs who had proven knowledge and skills, in addition to that most of my professors were professionals and entrepreneurs, who used to come after work to teach us and channelize their knowledge and wisdom.
In addition, the high-quality guest speakers were also invited during each course who share their real market experiences. This let me build my professional network which in future create better opportunity for them in addition to the Job Fairs conducted every year for the students. Iqra University has one of the best libraries in Pakistan. The research work done here in the supervision of PHDs is of international quality. Iqra University had a lasting impression on my personality and career.
Currently I am in a role where I am leading a section, mentoring my subordinates, helping the business to progress and gaining the experience which I need to reach my career goals; and I thank Iqra University for that!

Ali Pesnani

Studied: MBA, HR
Attended: Batch of 2005
Designation: Senior Executive Vice President & Group Head Retail Banking.
Organization: JS Bank Ltd.

It was a great journey of studying at Iqra University. The MBA program was elaborative, interesting, and practical to my work needs. Both the faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful, and I gained so much more than I expected. Studying in IU was a great choice – it is an amazing city where wonders are created with dynamic moves. There are many things beyond your imagination, but finally you will find you are the reason these miracles are happening. Studying in this place enabled me to widen my horizon and reinforce my vigor. When I look back to the good old days in IU, I feel so thankful and miss the people and my friends so much.

Dr. Ali Kashan Malick

Studied: MBA, HR
Attended: Batch of 2015
Designation: Deputy General Manager EMS Operations
Organization: Aman Foundation.

Iqra University is a great place to learn under the professionally experienced and well qualified teachers.