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Master of Science in Finance & Technology


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Master of Science in Finance & Technology

The world of finance was one of the pioneers to embrace today’s technological leaps. The Masters in Financial Technology (FinTech) programme is designed to bridge the knowledge gap created by the rapid technological advancements in the financial services industry. This programme is tailored to meet the current employment needs in the FinTech sector, which is at the forefront of adopting and leveraging technological innovations.

The curriculum of the programme is multidisciplinary in nature, incorporating both hard and soft skills through the use of industry specific business cases. It aims to future proof the learning of candidates by providing opportunities for hands-on experimentation in various aspects such as programming, business analytics, digital strategy, data science, and risk management in financial services. While the focus is on technical innovations in finance, the programme also provides insights into marketing, regulation, economic policy, and financial governance, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of the field.

By enrolling in this program, students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the FinTech landscape, acquire in-demand technical skills, and develop the ability to apply emerging technologies to solve real world financial challenges. The collaboration with industry experts ensures that the program remains relevant and latest, aligning with the evolving needs of the FinTech industry.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

The MS FinTech job market is an exciting frontier where traditional finance collides with disruptive technology, and the possibilities for innovation are limitless. Within the market, there are numerous roles that require a diverse set of skills and expertise. Here are some of the key job roles one come across:

  1. Product Manager

  2. Blockchain Developer

  3. FinTech Compliance Officer

  4. Financial Data Analyst

  5. Payments Operations Manager

  6. Financial Consultant

  7. Financial Manager


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