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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)




Quality education has remained the cornerstone of Iqra University’s mission. The leadership at IU is dedicated to upholding excellence across all fronts, whether it’s through the provision of cutting-edge infrastructure and amenities for students or the nurturing of intellectual growth.

Even predating the establishment of HEC-QAA, Iqra University has proactively implemented initiatives aligned with HEC standards to foster the development of 21st-century human capital. Adhering to HEC guidelines on educational quality, IU established the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) on June 19, 2010, with a clear Vision and Mission Statement and set of Objectives.


To develop Iqra University as a world-class institution of higher education, by embedding best quality assurance measures. Our aim is to develop & implement strategies that enhance the overall institution’s excellence and reputation meeting the national & international requirements.


To elevate Iqra University’s standards in education and research, we focus on:

  • Implementing best practices and quality assurance.
  • Training staff for excellence.
    Monitoring and improving continuously.
  • Enhancing overall performance across academics, administration, and finances.
  • Fostering student-centered learning and inclusive research.
  • Nurturing innovation and protecting academic integrity.
  • Enhancing teaching through advanced ICT infrastructure.


The primary goal of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Iqra University is to facilitate the implementation of quality assurance procedures and practices, ensuring continuous improvement and enhancement of quality at the institutional level. By establishing a quality-centric approach and processes. QEC is committed to:

  • Establishing quality-centric approaches, processes, and practices to enhance institutional effectiveness.
  • Strengthening internal Quality Assurance processes through self-assessment as per HEC criteria.
  • Preparing academic and non-academic departments to meet statutory bodies’ criteria and international higher education standards.
  • Ensuring academic quality by systematically assessing learning outcomes and aligning them with the university’s vision and mission.
  • Developing quality enhancement processes to ensure competitive excellence across all stakeholders.
  • Gathering feedback from students, teachers, graduates, and employers at prescribed intervals and implementing necessary measures based on evaluations.
  • Working progressively towards achieving accreditation for all programs from relevant authorities.

Mr. Muhammad Yousaf Jamil

Director – Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Message by Director QEC

Ensuring a high standard of education is paramount for an outstanding academic experience at Iqra University. Recognizing the importance of robust quality measures in today’s knowledge-driven era, we proudly contribute to national and international educational excellence. Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) under the leadership of its Visionary Leader, honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nassar Ikram, serves as a catalyst propelling Iqra University to the new academic heights of Teaching, Excellence and Innovation.
We at QEC ensure the institution’s adherence to national or international academic standards and accreditation requirements, demonstrating a commitment to providing quality education.

QEC emphasizes the institution’s commitment to ensuring and maintaining high academic standards, which are one of the key measures taken for quality assurance in teaching, research, and other aspects of education.
We encourage collaboration among different faculties and departments and seek feedback from students and faculty to identify areas for improvement. QEC stresses upon the importance of a collective effort in maintaining and enhancing quality.

QEC believes in emphasizing transparency in quality assurance processes and accountability in implementing improvement measures, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of the University’s efforts and progress.