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Fashion design is the process of creating new styles and designs of clothing and accessories, while textile design is the art of creating patterns, textures, and designs for fabrics. The two disciplines are closely linked, as fashion designers rely on textile designers to create unique and exciting fabrics that can be used to bring their designs to life.

Students enrolled in a fashion and textile degree program will learn about fashion and textile design history and study the principles of design, colour, and composition. They will also learn about different types of fabrics, dyes, printing techniques, and manufacturing processes. Through practical studio work, they can apply these principles to create their own textile designs, patterns, and clothing prototypes.

In addition to the technical skills, AIFD (Asian Institute of Fashion Designing), Iqra University offers a degree program in fashion and textile design, which also includes business, marketing, and entrepreneurship courses. This is because the fashion and textile industry is highly competitive and requires individuals with a strong understanding of business and marketing principles to succeed.

If you have an eye for design and a creative mindset, a degree in fashion will give you a comprehensive outlook on the global field and the necessary skills and expertise to hunt down the opportunities.

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