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Uses of Drugs & Post-Effects on Human Psychology

On June 3rd, 2024, Iqra University held a successful seminar titled “Uses of Drugs & Post-Effects on Human Psychology.” The guest speaker, Dr. Syed AbduRehman, M.B.B.S, FCPS (Psychiatry), shared his expertise in psychiatry to shed light on the complex relationship between drug use and mental health.

“Globally, approximately 250 million people use drugs, with Pakistan alone having an estimated 1.7 million users,” Dr. AbduRehman said, highlighting the concerning statistics. The seminar explored the reasons why people turn to drugs. Dr. AbduRehman identified “curiosity, seeking an adrenaline rush, and misusing prescribed medications” as common reasons. He also addressed the role of genetics and environmental influences in shaping addictive tendencies.

Emphasizing the vulnerability of young people, Dr. AbduRehman stated, “The majority of drug addicts are youngsters because their minds are still in the developing stage.” To help students prevent addiction, he offered valuable advice: “Regulate dopamine by including exercise and physical activities in your daily lives. Also, avoid catering to peer pressure, which might lead you to become an addict.”

The seminar concluded with a discussion on addiction treatment. Iqra University’s commitment to promoting student well-being and mental health was evident through this informative seminar. By empowering students with knowledge and resources, the university fosters a healthy and informed campus environment.

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