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Bachelors of Software Engineering


Introduction to

Bachelors of Software Engineering

The Department of Software Engineering encompasses a wide field of studies that supports the infrastructure of an IT/Software driver economy and society. The research areas of the department spread to:

  • Theory: Software engineering, quality assurance, design and architecture, processes.
  • Software: Various state-of-the-art tools, software and programming languages.
  • Application: Information systems, machine learning based projects, large scale projects, etc.

For achieving our mission, this department offers attractive and relevant educational programs for students to learn about software engineering and its related disciplines. These programs are designed to give our students the technical and theoretical nous of developing software at different scales. The successful completion of these programs will enable students to become leading software engineers and researchers who are relevant to the current trends and who also possess the next generation practical, management and creative skills to drive our economy forward in the digital age.

We educate our brilliant students in bachelors and masters level courses; these courses are designed in accordance with HEC recommendations and are taught by our top-notch faculty.

Thus, our department is at the forefront of advancing research in developing software systems, processes and their design and architecture. We aim to create a safe, diverse, inclusive, sustainable, and good future society through utilizing information and intelligence sciences.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

The Software Engineering bachelor program offered at the department is well linked to the local industry and is catering for the local as well as regional demand for Software Engineers. The department works in collaboration with the industry through an industrial advisory board setup. Almost every type of industry employs Software Engineer, be it computer, IT industry, process and manufacturing industry or defense industry.



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