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Bachelors of Entrepreneurship


Introduction to

Bachelors of Entrepreneurship

BS Degree in Entrepreneurship is a four year under graduate degree offered by the Department of Business Administration. The program is designed to develop and foster entrepreneurial mindset among student and help them understand the various stages of the entrepreneurial development. The degree also aims to ensure that the end-product of this program would be a functioning enterprise. This program is curated to develop students with entrepreneurial mind-set so they can create new ventures within and outside existing enterprises.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

The scope of a degree in entrepreneurship can be quite broad, as it can prepare you for a variety of career paths related to starting and managing a business. Here are a few potential career paths:

  1. Starting your own business: With a degree in entrepreneurship, you may be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to start your own business. This could involve creating a business plan, securing funding, managing finances, and developing marketing strategies.
  2. Managing a business: If you are not interested in starting your own business, you may be able to run an operation of a small or medium size enterprise. This could involve overseeing day-to-day operations, managing employees, and making strategic decisions to help the business grow.
  3. Consulting: With a degree in entrepreneurship, you may be able to work as a consultant, providing advice and guidance to struggling entrepreneurs and incubations. This could involve helping with business plans, marketing strategies, financial planning, and more.
  4. Corporate entrepreneurship: Many larger companies are looking for employees with entrepreneurial skills and experience to help drive innovation and growth within the company. With a degree in entrepreneurship, you may be able to pursue a career in corporate entrepreneurship, working within a larger organization to identify new opportunities and develop new products or services.


Overall, the scope of a degree in entrepreneurship include starting and managing businesses, providing consulting services, and driving innovation within larger organizations.


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