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Bachelors of Accounting & Finance


Introduction to

Accounting & Finance

BS Degree in Accounting and Finance at Iqra University prepares students for a rewarding career in the field of accounting and finance. Along with mastering skills and knowledge of accounting and finance, this program will help students develop communication & interpersonal skills, critical thinking and decision making. Moreover, the degree will enable them to apply knowledge to deal with financial records and figures and help organizations to make efficient decisions based on financial analysis.

Learning Outcomes

Job Market

There are many job roles available for graduates of accounting and finance. Some common job roles include:

  1. Accountant: Accountants are responsible for maintaining financial records, preparing financial reports, and ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.
  2. Auditor: Auditors review financial records to ensure accuracy, identify areas of financial risk, and suggest ways to improve financial processes.
  3. Financial Analyst: Financial analysts analyze financial data to help businesses make informed decisions about investments, mergers and acquisitions, and other financial matters.
  4. Investment Banker: Investment bankers advise clients on mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and other financial transactions.
  5. Tax Consultant: Tax consultants advise clients on tax laws and regulations, prepare tax returns, and help clients minimize their tax liabilities.
  6. Financial Planner: Financial planners help clients develop financial plans to meet their long-term financial goals, such as retirement or saving for a child’s education.
  7. Treasury Analyst: Treasury analysts manage a company’s cash flow and investments, monitor financial markets, and develop strategies to maximize profits.


These are just a few examples of job roles available to graduates of accounting and finance. The field is broad, and there are many different opportunities available depending on your interests and career goals.


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