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CEO Talk: The Entrepreneurship Mindset

Iqra University successfully organized a CEO Talk titled “The Entrepreneurship Mindset” on June 1st, 2024. The event featured Mr. Arsalan Hashmani, Group CEO of Hashmanis Group of Hospitals, who shared valuable insights on cultivating this essential skillset.

Mr. Hashmani’s talk centered on three key pillars for developing an entrepreneurial mindset. He encouraged students to set ambitious goals and strive to exceed them, emphasizing that aiming big fuels innovation and perseverance. Believing in oneself and one’s dreams is fundamental, according to Mr. Hashmani, as a positive attitude fosters resilience and a solutions-oriented approach to challenges. He also stressed the importance of embracing exploration and venturing outside comfort zones to discover new ideas and opportunities.

Mr. Hashmani further highlighted that an entrepreneurial mindset is cultivated, not innate. He urged students to challenge societal norms and forge their own paths based on their ambitions and capabilities.

Mr. Hashmani advised that failures are inevitable but valuable learning experiences, encouraging students to analyze setbacks and use them to refine their approach. He concluded by emphasizing the importance of swift action in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, where the ability to identify and seize opportunities promptly is crucial for success.

Iqra University’s CEO Talk on the Entrepreneurship Mindset served as an inspiring springboard for students to embark on their journeys as future business leaders.

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