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Dr. Meer Rujaib Naseem

Assistant Professor
Iqra University


Ph.D. (Finance)

MBA (Finance)

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics

Research Interests

Meer Rujaib Naseem’s research primarily focuses on the practical implications of financial and mathematical theories in addressing real-world business issues. He has explored a range of topics, from how financial policies affect organizational success to the influence of global economic developments on local markets. His interest also extends to examining how mathematical models can be effectively used in finance, such as risk assessment and financial forecasting, providing valuable insights that help businesses and individuals make well-informed financial choices.


Meer Rujaib Naseem has been a dedicated faculty member at Iqra University since 2000 with a strong focus on Finance and Applied Mathematics. He has a deep passion for guiding students through the complexities of financial management, corporate finance, and accounting, using real-life applications to bring theories to life. Additionally, he teaches Business Mathematics and Statistics, showing students the powerful role, these disciplines play in supporting and enhancing financial understanding and decision-making.

Throughout his career, Meer has played a key role in curriculum development, bringing contemporary and practical financial topics into the classroom to prepare students for the business world’s demands.


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