Academic Policy Manual

Gender Harassment Policy

Social Media Policy

Punishment(s) for Disciplinary Breach/Affair

Policy Regarding The Change of Registration of Courses

IU Volunteers Policy


Iqra University believes in equality which is among core values that we foster. Since establishment we are equal opportunity employers and as academic institution we condemn any sort of discrimination.
Since the law (Act No. IV OF 2010) made public on March 11, 2010 we are strictly complying to the act mentioned.
As per Directives of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan the Gender Harassment Policy is being made known to all students and employees along with complaint form. Click Here to Download the Policy and Complaint Form.


All students of Iqra University are required to abide by the following rules/ guidelines for the use of social media on the internet

  • Students are not allowed to create any page or ID that resembles with any of the Iqra University official page(s) and/or site and/or ID.
  • Students are not allowed to create, represent or join any political or religious group being identified as the student of Iqra University.
  • Students are not allowed to discuss or post comments about any staff or faculty member of Iqra University and their family members on any social media site.
  • Students must seek official approval from the management before putting any official information on their site/Page(s). However, approval is not needed if the information has been taken from official site.
  • Posting or displaying of any content such as images or text that in any way defame the university, its faculty, staff or other students is strictly prohibited. All postings are just like speaking at a public forum hence the dignity of Iqra University must not be compromised.
  • Policy matters of the university must not be talked about on any social media site.
  • Students are not allowed to use social media being Iqra representative (s) for fund raising (requesting/collecting funds) within / outside the University for any Natural Calamity until and unless they are permitted by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Safeguarding passwords and IDs are students’ personal responsibility and will not be considered as an alibi in case of violation of social media policy.
  • Any other act/deed/discussion on social media which may bring defamation to Iqra University.


Failure to follow the above guidelines would be considered as violation of University Policies and disciplinary action will be taken that may lead to termination of admission from the University.


It should be noted that there are no charges for change of courses, sections and timings as long as the online system is open. The students are advised in their own interest to carry out the registration of courses before the University locks and closes the online registration. The online registration will be closed four days before the official date of commencement of the semester.
The following policy regarding the change of registration of courses is approved for all programmes after the close of online registration:

  • Any modification in registration after the close of online registration and up to the end of the first week of commencement of classes. Rs. 500/- per subject.
  • Any modification during the second week of the commencement of classes. Rs. 1,000/- per subject.
  • Late registration for any reasons after the close of online registration. Rs. 500/- per subject.
  • Late registration for any reason in the second week after the commencement of classes. Rs. 1,000/- per subject

Note: Please note that no registration or change registration will be allowed after the end of the second week of commencement of classes.
Any changes made after the closing of online registration is subject to availability of the desired course / section.

The payment will be made in the Askari Bank located on the Campus. The Programme Coordinators will change only after the student submits the paid fee voucher.


  • The event organizers need to request for volunteer support from Iqra University (IU) at least 10 days in advance with JD.
  • IU volunteers will be wearing IU badges/blazers during the event and may wear other brands’ item for publicity.
  • The event organizers will provide certificate of participation to the volunteers and acknowledgment in vote of thanks mentioning Iqra University.
  • IU volunteers will provide support for maximum 06 hr shift between 9:00am-11:00pm.
  • Food and refreshment for the volunteers will be provided by the event organizers.
  • IU or volunteers will not be held responsible for any damage and loss incurred during the event.
  • IU volunteers will only perform duties outlined in the job description.
  • Transportation will be provided by the organizers for late night events.
  • IU volunteers’ safety will be the responsibility of the event organizers.