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Iqra University Celebrates Earth Day 2024 with Week-Long Engagement!

Iqra University enthusiastically celebrated Earth Day 2024 with a week-long program aimed at fostering environmental responsibility and a commitment to a sustainable future. This impactful initiative engaged over 1,200 students, faculty, and staff across all IU campuses in Pakistan through various educational workshops, tree plantation drives, cleaning initiatives, and inspiring talks. 

Campus Highlights: Greener Spaces and Sustainable Solutions

Main Campus:

Organized a large-scale cleaning and plantation drive, resulting in the planting of 100 Conophytum plants. A powerful message on protecting our planet was delivered through a screening of “A Life on Our Planet,” narrated by David Attenborough.

Iqra University’s main campus further solidified its dedication to sustainability by hosting a thought-provoking Earth Week Seminar titled “Building a Greener & Better World Together!” This insightful seminar featured presentations from prominent figures, including Arif Hussain Nomani (Ismail Industries), Dr. Nuzhat Khan (Blue Net Plus), Tara Uzra Dawood (LADIESFUND Energy), Ahmad Bilal (PAWS Rescue), and Mansoor Ebrahim (HOD Software Engineering). They all shared their expertise and perspectives on creating a sustainable future.

Islamabad H-9 Campus

The Islamabad H-9 Campus planted 25 trees at F-9 Park, contributing to the city’s green spaces. Species planted included Sukh Chain, Pilkhan, and Jacaranda—plants known for their medicinal properties. They uniquely highlighted these medicinal plants’ significance and health benefits to promote natural remedies, contribute to biodiversity conservation, and educate the community about their value.

North Campus

IU North Campus focused on environmental education with a seminar, workshop, and training session on climate change policy dialogue. This session aimed to equip students with the

necessary knowledge and skills to engage in climate change policy discussions. Maliha Abbas Zaidi, a visionary leader and climate advocate, CEO of ECOSOL SMC Pvt Limited, and founder of the National Dialogue on Climate Change, attended the event.
A panel discussion on Eco-Innovative Solutions was also conducted at IU North Campus to highlight the urgency of developing an approach to launching environmentally sustainable business solutions in Pakistan. This session was held in liaison with Climate Action Centre Karachi (CAC Karachi) and an emerging Electric Vehicle manufacturer, VLEKTRA. The VLEKTRA team enthusiastically showcased their latest lineup of cutting-edge, eco-friendly e-bikes, inviting students to experience them firsthand through test rides.

Bahria Campus

The Bahria Campus successfully planted 30 trees through a Tree Plantation Drive. In their cleaning drive, they collected hundreds of pounds of trash and raised awareness about proper waste disposal. The campus also organized a Nature Walk and Nature Talk, uniting individuals from all walks of life to reconnect with nature and promote conservation efforts.

Airport Campus

The Airport Campus showcased student talent and environmental knowledge through an art and quiz competition.

Iqra University: Leading the Way in Environmental Stewardship

Iqra University’s Earth Week 2024 program demonstrates the university’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. By empowering its entire community to become active participants in sustainability efforts, Iqra University is fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and inspiring positive change for the future.

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