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Workshop: How to Balance Your Healthy Lifestyle with Nutrition in Your Busy Life

Iqra University collaborates with Body Evolution and its CEO, Muhammad Ali Lakhani, to host an informative and inspiring workshop on ‘How To Balance Your Healthy Lifestyle with Nutrition in Your Busy Life!.’ The workshop aimed to provide students with valuable insights and techniques to maintain optimal health and wellness despite their busy schedules.

Led by internationally certified fitness trainers, athletes, and nutritionists, the workshop emphasized the importance of nutrition, conducted live fitness training sessions, and highlighted stress management strategies. Participants were equipped with practical tools and techniques to combat stress, prioritize their well-being, and attain a balanced lifestyle.

To motivate and encourage attendees, mixed martial arts gold medalists and bronze medalists showcased their incredible skills in martial arts and gymnastics. Their awe-inspiring performances served as a reminder of the incredible feats that can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

Iqra University’s Director of Sports, Sheraz Mohani, concluded the workshop by highlighting Iqra University’s sports scholarships, urging students to focus on fitness goals. This collaboration showcased the university’s dedication to holistic education, emphasizing both academic excellence and student well-being.

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