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Session on Supply Chain Leadership

The Seminar on Supply Chain Leadership emphasized on the importance of Supply Chain resilience and strategies to achieve the same. The overly subscribed and interested forum was led by renowned business tycoons and industry professionals that discussed the essential elements to succeed in Supply Chain, e.g. importance of learning Finance, Coding and Statistics, significance of Negotiation and Analytical skills, vitality of enabling mindset to become an influential leader, etc. The eminent speakers not only enlightened the audience with their insightful, practical, and visionary talk on the subject, but they entertained their queries with pragmatic and detailed rationale.
Mr. M Qaysar Alam, Mr. Irfan Bhatti, Mr. Noman Amjad Lutfi, Mr. Saad Kamal Khan, and Mr. Arif Hussain Nomani graced the seminar with their presence and illuminated talk.
The houseful of audience was the testimony of the gravity of the immense commendation and success of the event.

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