Iqra University, Karachi – October 13, 2015 – For fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility, Iqra University has gotten into a series of awareness sessions for Thalassemia in association with Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center-Trust. The sessions are a semester long activity with 2 sessions every week presented by Mr. Mohammad Iqbal who is the founder and chairman of this facility. He has been awarded the Quaid-e-AzamHusn-e-Karkardagi Award, the Presidential Award and the British Parliamentary Award for dedicating his life to this noble cause.

Mr. Mohammad Iqbal starts his session by talking about his own experience and struggle of dealing with thalassemia as he lost his son to this disease. He talked about his cause and created awareness about the compilations involved in curing these children. He further spoke about his achievement of creating a pump that helps these students extensively in their road to recovery.

Along with that their teams collect blood samples for thalassemia tests and for donations every week. The students feel very strongly about this cause as they donate blood and get themselves diagnosed. Iqra University has an aim of getting all of its students diagnosed before the end of this semester.