Living in the era of communication and globalization, media forms an integral part of our lives. People and students striving to excel in this area are often rendered unnoticed and unacknowledged.

The Event Management class, fall 2014 at Iqra University organized a platform for media-mights to showcase their work and exhibit the output of their endless effort. Hence their passion. Media Awards 2014 was held after a delay on February 5, 2015. The initial day set was December 17, a day before which the Peshawar attack occurred. As a gesture of solidarity, the event was postponed.

The sponsors, organizing team, university management and course instructor equally had their heart set for the event. With a team comprising of 50 students and one instructor, the event was pulled off recognizing many deserving media maestros at student level. The categories were relevant to cinematography, photography, video editing, sound design, animation, life drawing, direction etc.

The sponsors who extended their utmost support for the event included:

  1. ARY Jewelers
  2. Culligan
  3. Pakistan Cables
  4. Habib Bank Limited
  5. Sui Souther Gas
  6. Property Bank
  7. Stylista
  8. Gillette
  9. OCi Deals
  10. EFU Life
  11. Alfalah Motors
  12. Bee Photography

The awards’ platform exhibited an array of young media masterminds extensively appreciated by the Jury which included YBQ, Faisal Qureshi and others. The Head of the Department, Ms. Tehmina Lodhi and the Registrar of Iqra University, Dr. Syed Akif Hasan along with many other faculty members were present at the event and appreciated not only the efforts but the idea of the media department of holding these awards was also clearly achieved. There should be more such initiatives to encourage the fresh blood to enter this industry. After all, our media has only come out of infancy and growing in reach and magnitude by the hour. Now is the time!

Film Festival Fall 2014 has gained recognition for showcasing some of the best work by upcoming filmmakers of Iqra University’s Media Sciences program. This event showcased the most creative and outstanding student’s work in the drama, narrative, experimental and animation categories.

With the collaboration of students of multiple courses of media sciences, various international short films were re-made. The students worked day and night to make this endeavor a reality.
To honour the students hard work and efforts, the university held the screening of the films at Nueplex Cinema.