Student Engagement Unit (SEU)

Iqra University has set up Student Engagement Unit (SEU) to ensure the classes’ smooth flow and provide a continuous support mechanism to assist throughout the teaching and learning processes. SEU is the central place for students, faculty, and staff to seek assistance in navigating the complex issues of the students during their academic journey.

The objective of SEU is to facilitate students and accelerate their educational experiences at Iqra University. SEU promotes safe, respectful, healthy, and inclusive in-campus and online community support for all the students. 

SEU consists of four functioning units, which the Manager Student Engagement Unit leads. It provides direct support to the students or student groups who face a challenge in the learning process. After identifying the problem, available resources are mobilized to resolve the issue and redirect them to concerned authorities. Maintaining contact with students during challenging times reassures students that the university is fully conscious of their problems and is always willing to resolve them. SEU provides 24/7 assistance to address student queries/issues and fix them.

Communication Channels

The Student Engagement Unit has the following channels and mediums to communicate with students and provide frequent updates. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • SMS

  • Emails & SEU WhatsApp

  • Faculty members

  • Blackboard Help Guide

  • Social Media Channels
  • Website

  • Hotlines

SEU anticipates and prepares regular updates for the students, faculty, and staff and disseminates timely. These updates are operational and keep updating the stakeholders about changes/updates in the educational process. At the same time, the communication channels continuously work on strategies to improve the existing system and align it well with the global standards.

IU Disability Support Service (IUDSS):

Every student has a right to education! The IU SEU team assists university students in attaining all the ease of access to onsite facilities.

SEU is located on-campus and deals with the students’ well-being, and provides services to the students with disabilities to ensure that all activities and on-campus programs are accessible. Through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff, IU promotes self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy to encourage independence and enhance opportunities for student success. IU SEU team supports students with different disabilities, including sensory impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive disorders, psychological disorders, and chronic health issues.

The onsite doctor analyzes all documents, verifies the condition, and suggests upcoming proceedings.

This unit endeavors to create a campus environment where all students are viewed based on ability rather than disability.

Contact: All students with special needs may approach SEU through the IULMS application portal and email at ‘’.