• Seminar on Computer Vision:
    Guest Speaker: Dr.Mubarak Shah
    Profile: Chair Professor of Computer Science, and the founding director of the Computer Visions Lab at UCF.
  • Seminar on CSQE (Software Quality Engineer Certification)
    Guest Speaker: Azhar Ansari.
    Profile: 11 Years Working Experience as Manager SQA at KSE
  • Seminar on Introduction to Cloud Computing and Virtualization
    Guest Speaker: Kumail A. Morawal
    Profile: Lead Solution Architect at New Horizon
  • Seminar on Developing Information Security Framework using ISO Standards
  • 27001:2005
    Guest Speaker: Syed Faraz Javed.
    Profile: Lead Auditor for ISO/IEC 27001:2005, Certified Information Security Manager.