Iqra University, Karachi – November 11, 2013 – IU Placement Department organized a seminar on Importance of Capital Market conducted by Mir Mohammad Alikhan, Co-Chairman of AMZ MAK Capital Limited. Mr. Alikhan is a profound international speaker and senior professional from the corporate sector. He is an author of nine research publications on the subject of financial services. He is renowned for his dynamic and motivational attitude towards development of investments in the capital market.
His presentation expounded concepts on Significance of Capital Markets, Allocation of Capital and Risk, Mobilization of Savings explaining that the Capital Markets play a significant role in any economy from allocation of Capital and Risk to Policy Making. He highlighted that the only factor which makes a huge impact in improving the GDP of a country is the effective allocation of capital to the Industry and Government. Capital Market is the best channel to route the savings into long-term productive use.
With his outstanding command on oratory skills Mr. Alikhan surely knew how to hold his audience, he managed to distil the complex concepts of his profession into bite-sized, easily digested morsels of wisdom that aspiring students could easily grasp and work with.
He endorsed students to invest in their future by investing in to the local Capital Markets in their limited capacities.
Guest Speaker was presented a memento by a senior faculty member Mr. Yasin Raza Turrabi on behalf of Iqra University.