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Vice President

Vice President

Seven years ago, when I met Chancellor for accepting the position of Director of Gulshan Campus, I could not have imagined the journey that awaited me. During these five years, we have seen our campus grow and prosper, with new academic programs at all levels of study, stunning new teaching and research facilities, and, most importantly, a stronger community committed to discovering new knowledge and applying it toward the betterment of society. We worked and are working to understand the dynamics of emerging economies; and we educated and are educating young people seeking to better themselves through knowledge and new perspectives.

We realized and are practicing the core principle that the “Campus’s academic excellence presents itself in a student experience that draws on a diversity of ideas, beliefs, ethnicities and personal backgrounds”. In such a short span of time, by the grace of God, patronage of the chancellor, vice chancellor, chief executive officer and with the help of colleagues, we are able to create an environment that shapes our students and is shaped by them. We have the state of the art teaching-learning facilities enabling them to enhance and construct knowledge. The greatest milestone of the university is its placement in the top most category (W) by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and placement in “six star” category by Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee.

In addition, during last three years, we have worked closely with donor agencies including USAID, World Bank, UNICEF, European Commission and Department of Education and Literacy, Government of Sindh for the improvement of public sector educational system and capitalized upon our combined research assets for the benefit of the community. A number of teachers, teacher educators and educational managers have completed their M.Phil in the Faculty of Education and Learning Sciences with the campus. It has been a privilege to have served this university for five years. I am grateful for the support of the chancellor, vice chancellor, chief executive officer and so many others. I hope the campus will continually change to meet and to anticipate the needs of an evolving society. To do so, we must be prepared to rethink what we do and how we do it, and to explore new paths that will lead us in entirely new directions.

I look forward to joining with all of you as we work together to carry this great university to even greater heights.

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