As predicted, Iqra University Talent Fiesta 2012 has fulfilled all its promises of being an unforgettable event. The most talked about and happening event has finally come to an end where IU students stunned the audience with various types of talents they possessed. The instrumental segment brought the house down with crazy rock anthems which got the crowd up on their feet and head banging. Next, IU contestants flaunted their beat boxing skills with contemporary hip-hop tracks to hypnotic caller tunes enhanced with bass. Then onwards to get the adrenaline pumping, the singing segment started with bang on performances by IU students out of which some portrayed subtlety and others got the crowd dancing as they sung upbeat melodies. Stand-up comedy had everyone falling of their chairs, laughing out loud. Mimicking with fluency and delicately amusing the fellow students and friends. The dance segment had set an adrenaline rush on all the students, watching, moving and grooving to the beat of the music. Dancers performed Hip-Hop, Moon-walk, Classical and Desi genres of dancing. Last but definitely not the least, the models set the stage on fire as they walked with fierceness and style, showing off their designer wear leaving the crowd in trance of their magnificence. The talented winners and runner-ups were awarded with trophies for appreciation. Kudos to the entire team of IU Talent Fiesta, who worked hard day and night to make it a memorable entertainment night for everyone.