On accomplishing ten years of quality education and excellence IQRA UNIVERSITY, celebrated its 10th year Anniversary and recognized the works of those who had served this university for years by giving out AWARDS. A consecutive celebration was followed on for two days starting from the evening of 22nd to the night of 23rd march 2008. The air was filled with excitement as the preparations for this huge event was being made. There were talks about the event as it was going to be the biggest one of its time. The students showed great enthusiasm as they participated in the event making it as creative and tremendous as possible.

The evening opened up with an effort put in by the media sciences department organizing a fun filled event known as the fanatics. This event included various types of competitions like Smartest Women, Water Sports, Strongest Man, All you can eat, all you can drink, Bowling, and Haunted House etc. it could be observed that the ground was completely filled with students indulging themselves into the different game activities that were to be found. The Funatics was an activity which differentiated itself from the usual and the routine events, thus everyone highly enjoyed it.

The fun had not ended yet and was not only confined to this event but went on and was followed by a “ROCK CONCERT” by the famous Indian band “JOSH” and our very own” NOORI”. It was a dream comes true for most as they were quite fond of this widely popular band. The crowd had a great time singing along with the band on the melodious numbers. Upon giving its feedback the band mentioned that they truly had a great time performing in Iqra University as their audience was filled with enthusiasm and energy. NOORI also performed really well maintaining the whole vibe within the atmosphere which was created. These back to back events led to an end to the evening of 22nd march but there was still more to come as the big day of the 10thanniversary had still not arrived as yet.

Sparkling and dazzling, the university looked exceptionally fabulous seeming as if some fairy god mother had waved her magic wand on it and transformed it into something else. If one saw it from a distance the glowing lights seemed like colorful glitter sprinkled all over the building. The university was dressed in a beautiful theme of “white” and “blue” as the color is considered to be the official trademark. Everything starting on from the stage had balloons hanging on it, to the sitting arrangement was in white and blue.

Starting off with the appreciation the awards were given out to those who had been affiliated with the university for years. There were in all four categories which included LOYALTY CATEGORY, ACHIVEMENT CATEGORY, ALUMNI CATEGORY and the AWARD FOR PUBLICATION CATEGORY.

The LOYALTY CATEGORY appreciated employees /staff who had dedicated themselves to the organization. This award was presented in terms of 9yrs, 7yrs and 5yrs. These were presented fairly and without any sort of discrimination. The ACHIEVEMENT CATEGORY included awards for the students and the staff for any kind of achievement in sports, Drama or any other activity. Then there was the ALUMNI CATEGORY AWARD which appreciated those alumni students who had secured higher position in their academics and their careers. Lastly there was the AWARD FOR PUBLICATION given out to the students and the faculty who had worked in research and managed to work in different publications.

The event was made more entertaining through several dances and singing performances which was a presentation of the class of oral communication of BBA. The students along with their head sang tremendously and entertained the audience. The dance performances were mind-blowing as they included the most latest and hip hop songs of the year. The students practiced really hard ensuring that their every move was perfect.

As the ceremony proceeded further and approached towards its end the higher authorities were up on the stage to add the final touch by having the “Cake Cutting Ceremony’. A three layered chocolate fudge cake was on stage and surrounding were all the authorities ready to cut it.

As son as the cake was cut there were fireworks set into the sky which surprised everyone. They put a perfect ending to the event as everyone gazed at the sky looking at the different types off fireworks that were being set off one after the other. This was followed on by a dinner as having such a long entertaining show made everyone hungry.

Thus with this the series of events approached its end and there could have been no other perfect way of celebrating these ten years in which Iqra University despite having a lot of hurdles in its way managed to secure a position which is comparable to any other University in Pakistan. The celebration truly made one feel special being a part of it.