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Student’s Projects

SNo Title RollNo Name Submittedto Year
1 Examination of Trust and its effect on customs BBA Fouzai Hafeez/ Hasan Iftikhar Zikria 2009
2 Internet Banking in Pakistan Adoption Barriers and MBA Huma Shaukat Dr Kashif 2009
3 Product Brand Loyalty in The Context of Store Loya BBA Nauman Wajid / M.Ahmad Kkan Javid Iqbal 2009
4 Perceived Quality Customer Satisfaction and Custom MBA Qudsia Manzoor Zikria 2009
5 Success Factor of E-Banking in Pakistan MBA Umer Hanif Dr Kashif 2009
6 Impact of press releases on stock prices MBA fazal karim shakeel iqbal awan 2009
7 Measuring and Managing Brand Loyalty of Fast BBA Mir Sufyan, Raja Adnan Zikria 2009
8 Hotel Management System BCS Imran, Roshaan Waqas Paracha 2009
9 The Impact of Emotional Intelligence of the Superv MBA Fatima Rasheed Kashif Khan 2009
10 Iqranet ISP setup for the students by the students MCS Kamran Shah Abdul Mannan 2009
11 Comparative study of communication strategies COM Nosheen Bano M.Iqbal Saif 2009
12 Impact of Tv food advertisments on Children COM Rubina Aslam M.Iqbal Saif 2009
13 Factors behind crashof kse-100 MBA main khalid ur rahman noman shafi 2009
14 brand analysas of pakistan state oil company BCS bilal arshad /waqas durani zakaria main 2008
15 Factors influencing hiring process of the org MBA baqir sohail zakaria main 2008
16 Measuring Service Performance in Mobile BBA Arslan, Nasir Imran Said 2008
17 Employees Understanding Regrading Islamic MBA Abdul Ali Khan Shakeel Awan 2008
18 Determinants of national savings MBA faheem danish Drsardar a ansari 2008
19 Oil marketing company BBA muhammad umair Q/rahail ursani Dr sardar a. ansari 2008
20 Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Lea BBA Saadia Amjad Mr Abrar 2008
21 The Impact of Board Positioning on Consumer Assoca BBA Usman Rafique Ali Raza 2008
22 Retnetion of Employees in Hotel Industry BBA Irfan Hanif Imran Said 2008
23 Biometric Entry Control System MS Ebrar Rashid DR Jamil 2008
24 The Assessment of motivation in Hotel Industry Emp MBA Ahmad Ehtesham Mr Ansary 2008
25 Whether CBR has Played Vital Role in Revenue MBA Syed Kamil Hussain Zadia Mr Shakeel Iqbal 2008
26 Retaining Customers in Financial Services MBA Farrukh Halim Butt Mr Zakaria 2008
27 SME,S perception About Sms Bank BBA Sarah Ch Mr Shakeel Iqabl 2008
28 Assessment of Some of the key Antecedent of Custom BBA Mahwish Qamar Mr Shakeel 2008
29 Factors Influencine the Adoption of internet Banki BBA Waleed Khan Mr Shakeel 2008
30 Service Quality and Customer Satisfactionb IN reta BBA Nauman Saif Mr Shakeel 2008
31 An Investigation into HR Practices of Kohinoor Te MBA Bilal Khan Mr Ansary 2008
32 The Effect of E-Banking on Customer Relention BBA Raheel Ashraf Mr Shakeel 2008
33 Recruitment and Selection Process if Employees in BBA Hassan Nawaz Imran Siad 2008
34 Dynamics of Knowledge Management In Telecomm BBA Rabia Hussain Mazhar,Marium Ashfaq Mr Kashif 2008
35 Intelligent Thumb Authentication by Backpropagatio MS Muhammad Saad Bin Ahmad DrJamil 2008
36 Status of SAP(ERP) IN Pakistan National and multin BTM Wajid Nawaz Mr Zakria 2008
37 Impect of Dividend Announcement on Stock Prices MBA Mohummad Saquib Imam Mr Zakria 2008
38 Management Implication for Development and Traning MBA Sana Mukhtar Mr Zakria 2008
39 Why Individual Investors Want Dividends BBA Khalid Ali Mr Imran Said 2008
40 The Impact of Multiple Strategic Marketing Process MBA Rizwan Ashfaq Mr kashif 2008
41 Impact of Personal Care Brand Advertissing on MBA Nida Azhar Mr Ansary 2008
42 Guideline for Opening of Departmental Store MBA Nighat Parvin Mr Ansary 2008
43 Iniaz Real Estat BCS Arshad Ali MR Arif 2008
44 A Case Study of Reppoductive Health of Displaced W Farah Irfan Mr Adnan 2008
45 Colonial Era In Africa and its Impact on somalia Fathia Ahmad Jama MrAdnan 2008
46 To Study Child Labour Working in Automobile Worksh Jahanzeb Raja, Fatimah Ashraf Mr Ijaz Bajwa 2008
47 The Counter Terrorism Strategies of Pakistan Saleha Ikram Khan Mr Adnan 2008
48 The Disney Princesses TM: A Lesson in Female Sundos Khaliq Shad mrAdnan 2008
49 Design and Development of Baseband Flight Controll BSTN Ammar Shafiq/ Sabah Anis Khalid Rafiq 2008
50 Natural Disasters and Global Response Nadia Mahboob Mr Islam 2008
51 Student And Faculty Information System BCS Ali Arshad /Pitras Manzoor Mahmood Ashraf 2008
52 The IMF and The Rise of Protest Movements in Latin Yasmeen Ikramullah Khan MrAdnan 2008
53 Food Security and Trade Liberalization Acase Analy Mahvesh Adil Mr Adnan 2008
54 Comparative study on practices of “Blow the line” MBA Sana Ahmed Dr. Akif Hassan 2008
55 Evaluting Impact of farmer’s participation MSDS M. Junaid Usman Dr.Waqar A jehangir 2008
56 Key Based Text Watermaking of E-Text Documents MS Mussarat Abdullah Mr Arif 2008
57 Corporate View Point on Internet MBA Basharat Ahmad Shakeel 2008
58 Attitude of Consumer Towards Internet BBA Rizwan ,Farroq` Zakria 2008
59 Matlab Simulation of Physical Layer of Tetra BS Awais Zafar Malik/ Wabar Hasan Shahid/Ali Raza DR Ismail 2008
60 Retaining and Rewarding Compensation BBA M.Asim,Hassan Islam MrAbrar 2008
61 Chaaaenges of Emerging E-Learning Environments in BTM Mirza Erfan Liaqat/Madiha Sattar Zikria 2008
62 Costomer Satisfaction un the B2C E-Commerce contex MBA Muhammad Azam Anees Dr Kashif 2008
63 Analysis of financial Statement HUB power Co LTD MBA Faisal Yousaf Aqeel Ahmed 2008
64 Comprehensive Study of Selection Criteria MBA Zainab Ihtesham Khan Shakeel Awan 2008
65 Employee Relationship and Signification of MBA Iffat Abdul Majeed Imran Said 2008
66 Impact of Knowledege Management System BBA Quratulain ,Waqas Zakria 2008
67 Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Retai MBA Waleed Khan Dr Kashif 2008
68 Customer Perception in Terms of Service Quality of MBA Kamran Anwar Dr Kashif 2008
69 Performance Analysis of Proactive Reactive Enable MS Sulma Rashid Farooq Cheema 2008
70 Fingerprint Verification system MCS Syed, ahmed Nauman Nabeel Iqbal 2008
71 Camparitive Analysis of Distance Vector and Link S MS Noreem Qayium Farooq Cheema 2008
72 Use of Celebrity Endorsement in Mobile Service Pro MBA Usman Illyas Javid Iqbal 2008
73 Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols in MS Muhammad Farooq Khattak Farooq Cheema 2008
74 Mobile Frenchise Managemnent MS Sohail Ahamd Dr Jamil Ahmad 2008
75 Work Life Balance and its Effect on Productivity o MBA Irfan Hanif Kashif Khan 2008
76 DOWRY BSDS IV amna Aris Rashid Mafzool Zaka 2008
77 Financial Challenges Faced by the Sole Proprietior MBA Sarah Ch Kashif Ur Rahman 2008
78 Software Process Improvement (SPI)in Requirement C MS Yasir Hafeez Fazal Wahab 2008
79 Affects of gender Discrimination at work place BSDS Anum Rafi Rashid Mafzool Zaka 2008
80 Retention and Motivation of Employees in Teaching BBA Adeel, Sameer Zikria 2008
81 Analysing Factors Effecting Employer and MBA Saboohi Saleem Mr Kashif 2008
82 A study Of Factors Affecting Employees MBA Anjum Shahzad Ali Raza Noor 2008
83 Attitude Beleifs and Behavior of Information Techn BBA Jibran Ahmad Ali Raza Noor 2008
84 Job Burnout a Descriptive Study MBA Adil Sheraz Kashif UR Rahman 2008
85 The Wedding Planner BCS Erum Azam M Yousaf 2008
86 Choice Criteria of Retail Banking in Pakistan MBA Umar Khalid DR Kashif 2008
87 Factors of Consumer Visual Responses to Point of P MBA M Waleed Hassan Ali Ranz 2008
88 Impact of Long Working Hours On family life BBA Komal Kashif Khan 2008
89 Role of the state in the lives of street children MS Eram Zahra 2008
90 The Impact of Good Governance Reforms case BSDS Ammar Zafar Omer Awan 2008
91 The Education System of Madaris BSDS Kamran Ahmad Sikanadar 2008
92 Finding Optimal Route in Mobile ADHOC Networks MS Nauman Riaz Dr Jamil 2008
93 Political Participation of Woman In Pakistan BSDS Salman Omer Awan 2008
94 Study of People Perception and BSDS Sara Kiani Omer Awan 2008
95 The Relationship b/w Forign Aid And Democracy BSDS Zeenia Masood Omer Awan 2008
96 Missing Gender Dimension in Poverty Reduction BSDS Mahvish Inayat Omer Awan 2008
97 Analysis and Implementation of Various Techniques MS Muhammad Jahanzeb Dr Jamil 2008
98 Voluntary Turnover Amongst Employees At UBL MBA Sabeen Awan Javid Iqbal 2008
99 Derivation of Test cases Based on aspect MS Usman Ali Mr Fazal Wahab 2008
100 Implementation of reward system and interpersonal BBA Sharique Shuja Khan Jawed Iqbal 2008
101 Food Security and Trade Liberalization Bsds Mahvish Adil Omer Awan 2008
102 The Counter Terrorism Strategies of Pakistan BSDS Saleha Ikram Omer Awan 2008
103 Debate in The Definition of Poverty BSDS Tabinda Zuberi Omer Awan 2008
104 Impact of informal Economy on Urban BSDS Maryam Amin Omer Awan 2008
105 Season & Garments BSDS Mahrukh Mazhar Rashid Zaka 2008
106 impact of Body language on communication BSDS Mehwish Zaman Rashid Mafzool zaka 2008
107 Demographic and attitudinal difference MBA Mahwish Qamar Shakeel AWAN 2008
108 Impact of Mul;tiple strategic Marketing BBA Sharif Khan Zikria 2008
109 Layered Space-time Detection over Rayleigh Fading MS M.Yaqoob Wani Tauseef Tasnem 2008
110 Loyalty to Supervisors and BBA M.Aurangzab Ismail Marvat 2008
111 Pakistani Bakns and their Relationship with Small MBA M.Naeem Babar Zaheer 2008
112 Comparative Financial Performance of Islamic MBA Khurram Sattar Shakeel Awan 2008
113 The Impact of Performance system MBA Atif Irfan Malik Babar Zaheer 2008
114 Factors Affecting ServioceQuality in Islamic Banki MBA Raja Waseem Shakeel Awan 2008
115 Analysis of the Effectiveness of Training and Deve MBA Nida Aziz Mr Abrar 2008
116 Process Improvement of Conflict Resoulation With I MS Sayyed Ali Fazal Wahab 2008
117 VOIP MCS Farid Ahmad Abdul Manan 2008
118 Potential Prospect of online Buying in Pakistan MBA Asma Ahamd Zakria 2008
119 Relationship B/W Consumer Trust ina Brand and Bran BBA Malik Majid Awan/2337 Zafar Ullah 2008
120 Understanding the Customer Awarence about Islamic MBA Muhammad Naeem Akhtar/3333 Shakeel Awan 2008
121 The Affects of Information Technology on Individua MBA Muhammad Awais Khan/3272 Kashif ur Rahman 2008
122 The Relationship B/W Interpersonal Trust MBA Aamer Tayyeb/2025 Ismail Khan 2008
123 Evaluation of Sctp and udp fpr sip in sip-t MSCS Muhammad Shoaib Gill DR Jamil 2008
124 Brand Loyalty Factors in Sportswear MBA Imarn Sohail/3294 Imran Said 2008
125 Motivational role of Monetary and non Monetary Rew MBA Muhammad Faraz Afzal Zakria 2008
126 Socio -Emotional Contract B/W the Employees the Or MBA Muneeb Ahamd Zakria 2008
127 Factors Influencing the Success of SMES MBA Adnan Khurshid Shakeel Awan 2008
128 Attitude of Employees towards post Retirement MBA Kanishka Norri Zikria 2008
129 Astudy Measuring the Job Satisfaction among Team M MBA Usman Badar /3323 Babar Zaheer 2008
130 How to Consumer need for Cognition Affects the Rel BBA Jawad Yaseen/ Hamza Islam Ali Raza Noor 2008
131 Problems Faced by SME,S in Getting Financial Assis BBA Sobia Saleem Shakeel Iqbal 2008
132 Investigation into Factors that Facilitate Creatio MBA Nauman Mustafa Dr Kashif 2008
133 Impact of Media Context and Type of Advertisment o MBA CH.Yawer Saleem Imran Said 2007
134 Understanding Customer Perception About the level MBA Raja Naeem Ahmad Javed Iqbal 2007
135 Research Development acquisition and Integration f MBA Naveede Rasheed Ali Raza Noor 2007
136 Understanding Motivational Factors among air force MBA Arslan Hussain Javed Iqbal 2007
137 Retention of Skilled Employees in SMS Sector MBA Nauman Shahid Mr Abrar 2007
138 Ecommerce ATM & Credit Card Security MCS Imran Chaudhry Zakria 2007
139 Car Spy MCS Atique Ahmed Dr. Jamil 2007
140 Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol for ADHOC MCS Anwar Ullahhaq Zakria Mian 2007
141 Medium access Control MCS Iqbal Azam Zikria Mian 2007
142 Islamabad Online Web Portal MCS Muhammad faisal Waqas Paracha 2007
143 GRID Computer MCS Salah Aziz Rana Arshad Minhas 2007
144 A Tool to create Data ware House in C+(frontend) BCS Waqas Shami Shahid Rauf 2007
145 A Tool to creat data ware house in C +(Backend) BCS Awais Rahat Shahid Rauf 2007
146 DNS Propagation P.A.S.S MS M.Raza Pervaz Tauseef Tasneem 2007
147 Survey and Analysis of Routing Protocols in MS Naveed Tahir DR Ismail Shah 2007
148 Software cost Estimation Models an Industrial MS M.Shoaib Fazal Wahab 2007
149 Motivating Employees at Telenor Pakistan MBA Zeenat Jamsheed Mr Abrar Ahmad 2007
155 Islamic Finance MBA Amir Aqeel Ahmed 2007
159 Enterprise online inventry system(EOLIS) MCS Mazhar Waqar Syed Haider Ali Shah 2007
167 Human Resource Management(recruitment&selection) BBA Chiragh Zameen Ather Butt 2007
169 Human Factors & motivation MBA Samrah Azam Dr. ansari 2007
171 Effective operations of universities in islambad BTM Rabia Khawaja Dr. Kashif Khan 2007
172 Automation of excutive secretary’s Functions MSCS Nadia Qasam Dr. Jamil Ahmed 2007
173 Model of ISP industry in future BBA Madiha Zahid Kashif Khan 2007
179 Real Biz BCS Suhaib Ansari Dr. ansari 2007
180 SIP Enabled VOIP System BCS M.Atif Abdul Basit 2007
181 Chatblue Connecting People BCS Mujeeb Ahmed Zikria Mian 2007
183 Factors of employee turn over BTM Eatsam Ahmed Abdul Basat 2007
184 SAN Sniff (Front end) BTM Qasim Ali abdul basit 2007
186 Feasiblity study of decline MBA Azhar Jameedi Omar Khan 2007
192 Natural Resources of Pakistan BSDS Saima Iram Rashid Mafzool zaka 2007
193 Challenges to regional Integration MSDS Joseph Patrick Rashid Zaka 2007
194 Uzbekistan:The potential & Challenges MSDS Rizwana Mirza Rashid Zaka 2007
198 Carzone (online car business) BCS yaseen khan Waqas paracha 2007
199 Carzone( BCS Shahraam Khan Waqas Paracha 2007
204 Internal marketing affected by recruitment and sel BBA muhammad faraz afzal mr.zikira mian 2007
205 Human resource management BBA syma naeem janjua Dr sardar ahmad ansari 2007
206 Balance of payment of pakistan MBA syed hammad ajmal shakeel awan 2007
207 Impact of E-business on market BBA arsalan baluch Mr sardar m. ansari 2007
208 Car security system reliability and consumer BTM fasial anwar mr.zikria mian 2007
209 Consemer perception about the vehicle tracking sys BTM Khurram satter Dr sardar ahmad ansary 2007
211 E-mail alerty on mobils phones MSCS shabir ahmad mohmand Dr.mansoor alam ansary 2007
212 Significance of credit cards in the society MBA rashid mehmood Shakeel awan 2007
213 Lob satisfaction leads to low employee turnover MBA maliha sadfa mrs.mehnaz khan 2007
217 Analysis of human resource career stagnation at pt BBA Nida Aziz mr.sardar a. ansari 2007
218 why the customers are not much aware of online ban BBA ammad khan Dr javed iqbal 2007
219 Product awareness of wireless phones BTM Aasia sadaqat Dr javid iqbal 2007
225 Business Process Re-Engineering Mobilink Pakistan MBA Muhammad Talha M.Imran Said 2007
226 Human Resource Management MBA M.Nisar Khan DR.Ansari 2007
227 Ticketing Management Application MCS Afzal Masood Waqas Paracha 2007
228 Ticketing Management Application MCS Ahsan Ibad Waqas Paracha 2007
229 Communication b/w Two GSM Mobiles Through Wireless MSC Muhammad Sajid Khattak DR.Mansoor Ansari 2007
231 Organizational Leadership BBA Nida Zafar 2007
232 Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards MBA Haroon Sheikh Mr Imran Said 2007
233 E Commerce as a Tool Used for Branding in Pakistan MBA Ali Raza Altaaf Imran Said 2007
236 Celebrity Endorsement Effecting Services MBA Amna Ahmad Khan Omer Khan 2007
237 Marketing Strategies if Unilever & How they help MBA Yariha Jaffri Mr Omer Khan 2007
238 Brand Management in Fashion Apparel of Pakistan MBA Jawad Sardar Mr Omer Khan 2007
239 Fashion Photography in Pakistan HFD SANA Rehman, Sehr Durrani Mr Fasial 2007
240 Violation of Copy Right Laws in Bed BFD Irum Rahman, Maria Saleem Mrs Nafeesa 2007
241 Designer Shoes and Handbags BFD Rabia Anwar, Saman Kalim Mr Ikram 2007
244 Formal Wear for Women in Fashion BFD Roma Masood,Mehwish Fiaz Mrs Nafisa 2007
245 A Study on the Improvement of Shoes Designing syst BFD Rabia Iqbal, Rubab Babur Mrs Nafisa 2007
246 Existence of Designer Nightwear HFD Sanaa Akber,Saima Shafique Mr Ikram 2007
247 Lack of proper Means of Fashion BBA Ali Anjum Mr Kashif 2007
248 A Study on the Improvement of Shoes Designing BFD Rabia Iqbal, Rubab Babur Mrs Nafisa 2007
249 Makeup for Fashion Shoots International & Pakistan BFD Iram Fatima Mr Ikram 2007
250 Bridal Fashion in Pakistan HFD Junaid Bukhari Mr Ikram 2007
251 A Study on the Improvement of Shoes Designing syst BFD Rabia Iqbal, Rubab Babur Mr Ikram 2007
252 Children’s Wear BFD Mahwish Durrani, Momin Bari Mr Ikram 2007
253 A Ressearch Study on the Status of Designer Lawns BFD Wajiha Shahid Mr Ikram 2007
254 Designe Jewlery in pakistan BFD Ammara iqbal ,Binish shafi rana Mr Akram 2007
255 Formal wear for women in the fashion industry of p HFD Roma Masood ,Mehwish Fiaz Mr Akram 2007
256 Thesis on silver jewelry Samina Aslam , Mehwish zaman Mr Akram 2007
257 Importance of Orientation Traning MBA Sadaf Hanif Imran Said 2007
258 Brand Personality Affects The Brand Loyalty of The MBA Syed Bilal Ali Rizvi Imran Said 2007
259 A Parental Perspective on Effects of Advertisement MBA Souniel Mehboob Ali Noor 2007
260 The Impact of Celebirth Endorsement on BrandPositi 2246 Hira Hasan Zakria sir 2007
261 Comprehensive Study of Housing Finance Scheme Offe MBA Fayaz Ahmad Khan Tahsin Ahmad 2007
262 What are the Needs of Modern Employee do Motivatio BBA Khizer Ali Khan Imran Said 2007
263 How service can Effect Ther Customer Loyalty MBA Sikandar Hafeez Nadeem Safwan 2007
264 Accounting Practices of SME In Pakistan MBA Muhammad Daud Kashif Khan 2007
265 Analysis of Sress and Burnout in Relation to Emplo BBA Turab Khan Arshad Zaheer 2007
266 The Efffect of Organizational Goal Setting Muhammad Atif Sadiq OmerAwan 2007
267 Adoption of Credit Cards in Urban MBA Usman Aslam Shakeel Iqbal 2007
268 Evaluation of Advertising Affects on Brand MBA Umar Butt Kashif Khan 2007
270 Impact of Suicide Bombing on Financial MBA Ahmad Faheem Ashfaq Ahmad 2007
271 The Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal as Perc MBA Saba Abdullah Imran Said 2007
272 The Effect of Job Satisfaction on MBA Kamran Zafar Zakria Sir 2007
273 The Impact of Personnel Management MBA Nauman Waheed Kashif Khan 2007
274 Gender Difference in Consumer’s Dicisions MBA Farrukh Mehmood D Kashif 2007
275 Male Consumer Dicision Making MBA Jahanzeb Aslam Imran Said 2007
276 Capital Structure of SME in Pakistan MBA Muhammad Farz Abid Shakeel Awan 2007
277 The Consequences and Impact Privatization on the f BBA Saleem Mazhar Babar Zaheer 2007
278 The Impact Structure Composition MBA Shahid Wariach Babar Zaheer 2007
279 Impact of Finance on Primary Education BBA Ateeq Ud din Waseem Altaf 2007
280 The Effect of Performance MeASUREMENT MBA Qurat ul ain Ibrar Ahmad 2007
282 Retail bankin and customer behavior effect of ele MBA Farah deeba Imran said 2007
283 Comsumer preference for imported products over dom BBA Khizer ur rehman zafar ullah siddiqui 2007
284 Effect of information technology on customer sati BBA Zaeem faizulllah khan Omer khan 2007
285 Factors that influence consumers BBA Muhammad shehzad sadiq Omer khan 2007
286 An investigation about HSE Polixies in pakistan MBA Abdullah saeed Ansari 2007
287 An empirical analysis of market and industry facto MBA Saira abdul wali kashif urrehman 2007
288 Virtual business support system VBSS Hasan mustafa affandi Waqas paracha 2007
289 Virtual Business Support System VBSS Kashif Waqas Paracha 2007
290 Virtual Business Support System VBSS Kashif Waqas Paracha 2007
291 Job Satisfaction of The Contractual MBA Nadya Hameed Imran Said 2007
292 Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making MBA Sheikh Noman Ali Raza 2007
293 Impact of Emerging Islamic Brand in Soft MBA Somia Mazhar Nadeem Safwan 2007
294 Study of stuedent relationship to university MBA Ayesha tanveer Imran said 2007
295 The effect of advertising on customer BBA Syed waqas ali raza kashif 2007
296 The role of knowledge management in online banking BBA Haroon iqbal Zakira sir 2007
297 Comparison of recruitment BBA Imran qureshi Ansari 2007
298 Impact analysis of e recruitment in pakistan BBA Raja waseem Zakira sir 2007
300 Job Related Training has an Impact on Motivation o MBA Erum Hussain Mehnaz Khan 2007
301 Role of Corporate Brand Identity for Mobilink in MBA Nida Ali Imran Said 2007
302 Impact of Career Motivation and Commitment on Iden MBA Saima Zaidi Imran Said 2007
303 GIS Based Guide Heal;th Centers BCS Shahid Masud ,Umer Hanif Fazal E-Wahab 2007
312 Wherher the training and development processes BBA Syrah Alamgir Khan Kashif M Khan 2007
313 Analysis CDMA based network BCS Abdi Fatah Osama Dr. Syed Ismail Shah 2007
314 Recruitment and selection of pakistan tobacco comp REC Ayesha Khan kashif ur rehman 2007
315 MARKETING STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT BBA Adil Ahmed Sardar Ahmed Ansari 2007
316 Online prometric testing center BSCS Aatif Ali Syed ismail Shah 2007
317 Online prometric testing Center BSCS Muneer ud din khan Zakria Mian 2006
318 Online prometric Testing center BSCS Muneer ud-din khan Zakria Mian 2006
320 Final project documentation computer based tesing MCS M.Umer Kitchloo Abdul manan 2006
323 Tajweed Tool BCS m.shoaib Riaz Waqas Paracha 2006
324 Impact of job design on customer service BBA Leviza Ayaz Mr.Abrar Ahmed 2006
325 Changing trends of traditional marketing towards BBA Kashif Mushtaq Omer Khan 2006
326 Comparative study of employers turnover in mobilin BBA Kanishka Noori Dr.Ansari 2006
327 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy of MBA Shoib Arshad Omer Khan 2006
328 Employee’s perception & Career Plateau MBA Ummair Aziz Mazhar Dr.Ansari 2006
329 Application of strategic human resource management BBA Rizwan Ashfaq Dr.Ansari 2006
330 Imlementation of principles of total quality manag BTM Ali Raza Altaaf Imran Said 2006
331 The system spy BCS Yassar iqbal Khattak Mr.Zikria Mian 2006
333 Stock market reaction to financial news BBA Juliana Makungu Dr.Khashi ur Rehman 2006
334 AGHAZ-the beginning MCS Hbib ur Rehman Akber Mr.Waqas Paracha 2006
335 Impact of participative management on job satisfic MBA Rabia Khawaja Dr.Khashi ur Rehman 2006
336 Human resource management recruitment and selectio BBA Uzair Bhatti Dr.Ansari 2006
337 Performance monitoring system MCS Arshad Ghias Khan Mr.Waqas Paracha 2006
338 HRM employee empowerment in banks MBA Faraz Wasif Imran Said 2006
340 Application of performance appraisal system in KIS BBA Noor-ul-ain Ahmed Dr.Ansari 2006
341 Training and development needs assessment