There are quite a many things in this world that cannot change except for “Change” itself. Today change has become a necessity and no organization can survive without either change or innovation, therefore to highlight its significance, a seminar on “Managing change and Innovation” was held in Iqra University in EDC auditorium on April 7th, 2012 which was partly sponsored by Skin White Pakistan.
How today organizations think about change and how they are coping with it, what strategies are they following to enforce it, and what hindrances do they have to encounter, in challenging the facets of it, these and many other related issues were the central focus of this seminar in which many guests from reputable organizations came and shared their perceptions about change and innovation. The guest speakers included:
Mr. Vaqar Ahmed Khan (Former General Manager HR at PSO, currently conducting workshops during internship programs at PSO.)
Mr. Muaz Popatia (Certified HR Professional (CHRP) and certified trainer, academically he has an EMBA (HR) and BBA from KU with a research thesis on HR Audit. He has provided training to employees of many organizations including National Bank Of Pakistan, Soneri Bank, PMI Pakistan and Faysal Bank. Currently he is associated with Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan as a training provider)
Mr. Saifuddin (seasoned banker having a diversified management related experience of more than twenty years in oil and banking industry, is the regional head, HR development and training in The Allied Bank Pakistan)
Mr. Syed Mansoor Ali Rizvi (has provided his services for reputed organizations such as Allied Engineering And Services Ltd, RCG Hagler & Bailly and Khyber Tractors (Pvt) Ltd. And  currently working as manager for “Case New Holland” in Pakistan).
Along with many other dignitaries from the corporate world:
The seminar provided the students of Business Administration a chance to understand the concept of CHANGE and INNOVATION and their significance in today’s dynamic environment directly from the corporate personnel’s view. The aim of this seminar was to educate students about this issue and to develop their mindset that they would have to carry with themselves in the future.

Photographs Courtesy of:

Sheroz bin zahid
Bilal Irfan
Anusha pardhan
Zammad Khan