IQRA University- Karachi, Pakistan- 04undergraduate students of Business Administration were selected by Yasar University as Exchange Students for Spring Semester 2017 .Yasar University is an academic partner of Iqra University for students, faculty and collaborative research.

Ever since Iqra University has embarked its journey in providing quality education to its young aspiring professionals, it has taken measures to enhance learning of students using host of ways for transforming them into market relevant professionals. Iqra University signed an Academic Partnership Memorandum of Understanding with Yasar University besides the similar arrangements with various other institutions.

This year, for Spring 2017, 04 students were sent on Exchange Student Program at Yasar University. The selected students are of exceptional academic records, communication skills, and are true representatives of their own native culture and country, Pakistan. Thus, Iqra University provided a platform to the students to promote talent and unique culture of Pakistan.

Iqra University believes that both Pakistani and Turkish higher education institutions offer premiere education and valuable training to students to broaden their horizons. IU looks forward to receiving exchange students from Turkey.

Attached Pictures of the Exchange Students: