Iqra University organized Career Counseling Session considered to an integral part for the development and augmentation of the young graduates.

Iqra University, Karachi – November 10, 2013 – IU Placement Department organized Career Counseling Session conducted by eminent speaker Mr. Sohail Zindani. Career counselor Mr. Zindani highlighted supplements for the young graduates in correspondence to their career needs. His enthusiasm ignited the fire which accelerated the thinking process of young graduates about making critical choices about their career options. He started the presentation by throwing some thought provoking questions at the graduates. He then emphasized at the point that commencing any professional career must be well planned and focused.
The agenda of the session was to reveal the importance of potential maximization of the young graduates and in converting the passion they possess into reality.

Further Mr. Zindani shared his concepts as to how important is for an individual to distinguish his own potential and how one could capitalize on it.
The session came to an end on an interactive note where the young graduates seemed eager to share their ideas of their career plans.