Iqra University Basant and Valentine Festival was held at Monday 13th of February 2012 in the main campus of the university. The main theme of the event was to give students a taste of the basant in Lahore combined with a celebration of Love in the shape of IU Basantine.

The event was very well organized by the members of Iqra University Student Council, where various stalls were put up by members of faculty where a person could play many fun games or buy items of interest or better yet get a tasty meal on the go. The campus area was divided into two sections the outer courtyard had a yellow theme and the festival of basant was in full swing with kite flying, merry-go-round, camel rides, carriage rides and a dhool to get the crowds off their feet and dancing. In contrast the inner courtyard had a red theme and was beautifully decorated to depict the theme of valentine’s day. The efforts made by the members of the faculty in setting up stalls for students was very much appreciated by the students who enjoyed the event to its fullest, by either putting a friend of theirs into a jail just for the fun of it or by going head to head with one of their friends in a R/C car race.

The festivities came to head when Pakistani bhangra and pop sensation Saleem Javed came to perform at the concert which was also a last minute surprise to the attendees but the star was welcomed with a great round of applause and the mood was set for some great music that the artist brought to the stage with a mix of bhangra and a few slow tracks in accordance with the theme of valentine’s day and a grand conclusion with a beautiful display of fireworks.

In the end we should all once again commend the efforts of IUSC and the volunteers for their efforts in setting up a total 60 stalls in the two courtyards with different themes as well as In maintaining the discipline amidst the crowd at all times and in aiding and facilitating in the arrival of festival attendees. The festival could not have been such a great if not for the combined effort of the members of the faculty and the organizing committee and the members of IU Societies; we look forward to many a great event in the future.