Certificated Nursing Assistant

Taught by experienced teachers, our Nurse Assistant Training program delivers an educational plan that meets state and federal educational guidelines. The course content focuses on building reasoning capabilities through dynamic group discussions while also consolidating components of care and correspondence/relational abilities.

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  • Describe the functions of body systems appropriate to the nursing assistant scope of practice.

  • Demonstrate professional communication skills including recording and reporting, and legal and ethical responsibilities.

  • Identify stages of growth and development.

  • Demonstrate safety and infectional control practices that comply with standards of practice for nursing assistants.

  • Define common medical terms and abbreviations used in health care.




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  • Nursing Assistant at a Skilled Nursing Center

  • Certified Nursing Assistant at a Home Health Aide Employer

  • Certified Nursing Assistant at a Hospital

  • Certified Nursing Assistant at an Assisted Living Center

  • Traveling Certified Nursing Assistant

Course Type Course Code Course Name
University Mandatory CD0001 Some Course Name
University Mandatory CD0002 Some Course Name
University Mandatory CD0003 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0004 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0005 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0006 Some Course Name
Core Course CD0007 Some Course Name
Core Course CD0008 Some Course Name
Elective CD0009 Some Course Name


This program seeks to offer experienced Registered Nurses a chance to acquire an all-encompassing nursing education, and the ability to work as clinically skillful patient attendants. Graduates will be able to command authority and make valuable contributions in advancing the nursing calling in Pakistan.

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  • Demonstrate skills in using patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe, effective nursing practice.

  • Incorporate effective communication skills to contribute the nursing perspective to interprofessional teams to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Implement holistic, evidenced-based, safe patient-centered care across the health-illness continuum, across the lifespan, and in all healthcare settings


  • Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

  • Direct of Nursing

  • Nurse Manager

  • Nurse Administrator

  • Legal nurse consultant

  • Nurse informatics specialist

Course Type Course Code Course Name
  SC 611 Biochemistry
  NU 612 Advance Concepts in Nursing I (Adult Health Nursing)
  NU 613 Health Assessment
  SC 614 Pharmacology
  EN 615 English I (Functional)
  CS 616 Computer Skills & Information Technology
  NU 621 Advance Concepts in Nursing (II) Mental Health
  SC 622 Introduction to Biostatistics
  SC623 Epidemiology
  HU 624 Culture Health & Society
  NU 625 Introduction to Nursing Models & Theories
  EN 626 English II (Academics)
  NU 627 Principle of Teaching and Clinical Preceptor ship
  Nu 631 Advance Concepts III (CHN)
  SC 632 Introduction to Nursing Research
  NU 633 Professional Development and Ethics
  PS 634 Pak Studies
  NU 641 *Research/ Evidence based Elective project
  NU 642 **Clinical Practicum
  EN643 English IV (Scholarly writing)
  IS 644/ Islamic Studies/Ethics