Bachelors of Education

(4 Yrs, 2.5 Yrs & 1.5 Yrs)

High quality education can only be imparted by professionally trained teachers. Iqra University offers 4 years (Hons), 2.5 years, and 1.5 years B.Ed. programs for the professional training and development of individuals passionate about teaching.

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  • Provide teachers with a critical insight into the current trends
  • Learn theories and issues in the field of education
  • Develop subject knowledge and classroom teaching skills
  • Through reflective practice, action research and teaching practice sessions, the graduates achieve excellence in teaching and learning in the classroom.


  • Professionally trained teacher at different schools.
Course Type Course Code Course Name
Core HMT 111 Functional English
Core HMT 221 Islamic Studies / Ethics
Core EDU 102 Child Development
Core HMT 112 Urdu
Core ASC 171 Basic Science
Core EDU 112 General Methods of Teaching
Core HMT 114 Communication Skills
Core ASC 172 ICT
Core EDU 121 Classroom Management
Core ASC 173 Introduction to Mathematics
Core HMT 231 Pakistan Studies
Core EDU 161 Teaching Islamic Studies/Ethics at Primary level
Core EDU 252 Teaching reading and writing
Core HMT 211 Art, Crafts & Calligraphy
Core EDU 233 Teaching Primary Urdu
Core EDU 217 Teaching Primary Science
Core ASC 272 ICT in Education
Core EDU 261 Primary School Teaching – I
Core EDU 271 Classroom Assessment
Core EDU 234 Primary School English
Core EDU 273 Primary School Mathematics
Core EDU 274 School, Community and Teacher
Core EDU 232 Primary School Social Studies
Core EDU 262 Primary School Teaching – II
Core HMT 311 Academic Writing
Core EDU 305 Foundations of Education
Elective   Content Course – I (from selected discipline-I)
Elective   Content Course – I (from selected discipline-II)
Core EDU 313 Curriculum Development
Core EDU 314 Educational Psychology
Core EDU 321 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
Elective   Content Course – II (from selected discipline-I)
Elective   Content Course – II (from selected discipline-II)
Core EDU 322 Comparative Education
Core EDU 323 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
Elective   Content Course – III (from selected discipline-I)
Elective   Content Course – III (from selected discipline-II)
Core EDU 333 Pedagogy – I
Core EDU 334 Pedagogy – II
Core EDU 335 Research methods in Education
Core EDU 339 Elementary School Teaching – I
Core EDU 343 School Management
Core EDU 342 Test Development and Evaluation
Core EDU 349 Elementary School Teaching -II
Core EDU 342 Research Project

Bachelors of Science in English

BS English program balances a strong grounding in English Literature, with a well-rounded foundation in English linguistics, offering students the best of both fields. It opens the door to the mastery of language to create, transform and enhance communication. By studying literary texts from a wide genres and periods, and developing insight into current linguistic theories and pedagogies, the graduates of this program become creative writers, critical thinkers and proficient readers with an informed and independent worldview. They can build a successful career in the fields of teaching, publishing, journalism, advertising, and events management.

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  • Demonstrate the conceptual understanding of key English language, linguistics, and literature topics
  • Critically evaluate and analyze the English Language curriculum

  • Be able to apply online and face-to-face language teaching pedagogy

  • Critically analyze the pertaining language teaching methodologies and assessment in the educational institutions

  • Develop curriculum and unit/lesson plans, teach them and reflect on their teaching to conceptualize what help or hinder students to develop their language skills

  • Engage in classical, contemporary and modern literature

  • Engage in academic and applied research in the field of the science of language


  • Teaching, writers, government officers, administrators, educators

  • Copy writers, editors, news anchor, trainer, translator, interpreter

Type Course Codes Course Title
University Mandatory HUM111 Functional English
University Mandatory CSC111 Introduction to Computer Science
University Mandatory HUM113 Introduction to Sociology
Common Option   Common Optional 1
Core LIT111 Introduction to English Literature
Core LIN112 Introduction to Linguistics
University Mandatory HUM121 Academic & Professional Writing
University Mandatory HMT221 Islamic Studies
University Mandatory HMT231 Pakistan Studies
University Mandatory HUM112 Personal Development
Core LIT121 Contemporary Literature
Common Option   Common Optional 2
Core LIN122 Phonetics & Phonology
University Mandatory HUM231 Communication Skills
University Mandatory HUM232 Ethics and Social Responsibility
University Mandatory HUM233 Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking
Common Option   Common Optional 3
Core LIT211 Drama
University Mandatory SSC231 World History
University Mandatory HUM241 World Literature
Core LIT221 Fiction
Common Option   Common Optional 4
Core LIT222 Poetry
Core LIT223 Literary Movements
Core LIT311 Literary Criticism and Theory
Core LIN312 Semantics
Core LIN313 Morphology & Syntax
Core LIT314 American Literature
Common Option   Common Optional 5
Common Option   Common Optional 6
Core LIT321 Non-Fiction