PhD (Education/ ELT)

Groundbreaking research and quality instruction are the hallmarks of PhD in Education program at Iqra University. The program will enable students to conduct world-changing research that focuses on resolving the critical and complex issues pertaining to teaching and learning in the 21st century. An ELT specialization in PhD (Education) is also offered to prepare future ELT leaders

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  • Enable students to conduct world-changing research
  • Learn to solve critical and complex issues pertaining to teaching and learning
  • Policy making in the field of English Language Teaching


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  • Teaching at Higher Education Institution

  • Researchers in the field of Education

Course Type Course Code Course Name
  EDU731 Modern Philosophies of Education
  EDU751 Statistical Analysis in Research
  EDU772 Advanced Research Methods
    Directed Study 1 (Specialization Course 1)
    Directed Study 2 (Specialization Course 2)
    Directed Study 3 (Specialization Course 3)
  DIS701 Dissertation
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU752 Strategic Management in School Development
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU753 Management of Crisis and Change
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU754 Contemporary Theories of Leadership d3
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU755 External Influences on Educational Leadership
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU756 Practicing Leadership: Peer Coaching 
 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EDU757 Thinking Strategically about Education Reform
CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION EDU732 Using Literacy to Learn: Curriculum and Pedagogy
CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION EDU733 Economic Analysis in Educational Policy Making
CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION EDU734 Contemporary Issues in Science Curriculum and Teaching
CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION EDU735 Current Issues in Literacy Research and Instruction
CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION EDU736 Acquisition and Development of Language and Literacy
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU741 Curriculum and Pedagogy in Teacher Education
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU742 Issues in Teacher Education
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU743 Policy Perspectives on Teaching and Teacher Education
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU744 Psychological Study of Teaching
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU745 Theories of Teaching and Learning
TEACHER EDUCATION EDU746 Digital Media and Information Literacy
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EDU773 Origins/anthropological basis of language
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EDU774 Critical discourse analysis
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EDU775 Technology assisted language learning
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EDU776 Language, culture and identity
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EDU778 Language policy development and implementation