The Associate Degree in Education Programme is designed to provide students with basic skills and knowledge needed to enter the educational field and take a stepping stone in the field of teaching. The course provides a solid foundation in educational theory and practice, as well as valuable hands-on experience that can help graduates succeed in the classroom. The degree programme will enable students to interpret academic, social, economic, political and psychological purpose of education with a deeper focus on building professional teaching aura.

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After the successful completion of the Associate Degree in Education (ADE), two-year Programme, the prospective students will be familiar and be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the standards and theories of education, blended with historical and current perspectives, philosophies, and approaches.

  • Design and implement effective classroom management strategies to create a welcoming, safe, and supporting learning space that promotes student engagement and success.

  • Demonstrate reflective and critical thinking skills to assess personal and professional growth, and engage in ongoing professional development and learning opportunities.

  • Assess student learning using a range of assessment methods and techniques, and use assessment data to inform instructional decisions and support student progress.

  • Understand different learning styles to implement in their teaching style effectively.


Individuals with Associate Degree in Education qualify for entry-level positions in a variety of educational settings, such as public or private institutes, after-school programmes, community centers, etc. in the following roles:

  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Pre-school Teacher
  • Early Childhood Education Administrator
  • Children’s Programme Staffers

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Course Type Course Code Course Name
HMT 111 Functional English
HMT 221 Islamic Studies / Ethics
EDU 102 Child Development
HMT 112 Urdu
ASC 171 Basic Science
EDU 112 General Methods of Teaching
HMT 114 Communication Skills
EDU 121 Classroom management
ASC 173 Introduction to Mathematics
HMT 231 Pakistan Studies
EDU 161 Teaching Islamic Studies at Primary level
EDU 252 Teaching reading and writing
HMT 211 Art, Crafts & Calligraphy
EDU 233 Teaching Primary Urdu
EDU 217 Teaching Primary Science
ASC 272 ICT in Education
EDU 261 Primary School Teaching – I
EDU 271 Classroom Assessment
EDU 234 Primary School English
EDU 273 Primary School Mathematics
EDU 274 School, Community and Teacher
EDU 232 Primary School Social Studies
EDU 262 Primary School Teaching – II

English Language Teaching

The Associate Degree Program in English Language Teaching inculcates the fundamental understanding and practical skills necessary for teaching English as a second language (ESL) or English as a foreign language (EFL) to non-native speakers. The comprehensive-in-coverage-and-depth nature of the course will gain students theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning language with practical classroom experience.

Throughout the Programme tenure, the students will focus on linguistics, grammar, the evolution of English as a language, various writing styles, and theory of teaching English as a second language.

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The Associate Degree Programme in ELT enables students to:

  • Develop specialist communication and presentation skills to become an effective teacher, and investigate the theoretical and conceptual issues involved in teaching written and spoken language.

  • Understand the cultural, social, and political factors that impact language learning and teaching.

  • Develop an awareness of the various resources available for English language teaching, such as technology, textbooks, and materials.

  • Identify and address common challenges that English language learners may face.


The linguistic and analytical skills developed in combination with pedagogical training will prepare you for a range of careers:

  • Teacher’s Aides
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Program Coordinator
  • English Language Instructor
  • Sales representatives

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Course Type Course Code Course Name
University Mandatory CD0001 Some Course Name
University Mandatory CD0002 Some Course Name
University Mandatory CD0003 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0004 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0005 Some Course Name
Common Option CD0006 Some Course Name
Core Course CD0007 Some Course Name
Core Course CD0008 Some Course Name
Elective CD0009 Some Course Name