Masters in Computer Sciences

Artificial Intelligence is transforming Digital Marketing to remain competitive and optimize marketing spend in the new digital landscape. This course will help students comprehend and connect with clienteles in entirely new and innovative ways. It will enable students to explore game-changing digital marketing strategies and tactics that organizations are deploying. This course is designed for marketers and leaders who want to broaden their understanding of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and develop a working understanding of data analytics.

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Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be familiar with Digital Marketing and be able to:

  • Understand digital marketing and its disruption of the traditional marketing mix.

  • Be aware of the online consumer journey and how to effectively target their customers.
  • Understand the role of the core digital marketing channels and learn how to optimize using metrics: SMART goals, conversion optimization, A/B tests, attribution, and experimentation.

  • Set clear objectives for the different digital marketing channels.
  • Earn a degree certificate to share with their professional network as well as unlock access to career support resources to help them kickstart their new career.
  • Set clear objectives for the different digital marketing channels.


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Course Type Course Code Course Name
  CSC 501 Advance Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  CSC 504 Advance Computer Architecture
  CSC 505 Advance Operating Systems
  CSC 507 Research Design and inferential Analysis
  CSC 508/CSC506 Advanced Theory of Computation / Theory of Programing Language
  CSC XXX Elective – I
  CSC XXX Elective – II
  CSC XXX Elective – III
  CSC XXX Thesis Proposal and Progress / Elective Course
  CSC XXX Elective – IV
  CSC XXX Thesis Defense / Elective Course
Elective CSC604 Advanced Database Management Systems
Elective CSC610 Networks Performance & Quality of Service
Elective CSC611 Enterprise Voice Over IP
Elective CSC701 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Elective CSC702 Advanced Broad Band Communications
Elective CSC703 Adv. Software Assessment Methodologies
Elective CSC704 Wireless Technologies
Elective CSC705 Network Security and Audit
Elective CSC706 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Elective CSC707 Robotics and Automation System
Elective CSC708 Applied Neural Networks
Elective CSC709 Control Systems
Elective CSC710 Expert Systems
Elective CSC711 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
Elective CSC712 Advanced Digital Image Processing
Elective CSC713 Computer Graphics and Animation
Elective CSC714 Advance Simulation Methodologies and Application
Elective CSC715 Advance Computer Vision
Elective CSC716 Virtual Reality
Elective CSC717 Advance Data Warehousing and Mining
Elective CSC718 Object Oriented Databases
Elective CSC719 Advance Business Process Re-Engineering
Elective CSC720 Human Computer Interaction
Elective CSC721 Advance Compiler Design
Elective CSC722 Fuzzy Logics & Artificial Neural Networks
Elective CSC723 Optical Communication
Elective CSC724 Advanced Software Quality Assurance
Elective CSC725 Team Project Management
Elective CSC726 Target Discrimination in SAR using ANN
Elective CSC727 Advanced Cryptography
Elective CSC728 Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning
Elective CSC729 Advanced Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Elective CSC730 Information System Audit
Elective CSC731 Team and Project Management
Elective CSC732 Advanced 3D Modeling Game Development
Elective CSC733 Information Retrieval for Metadata
Elective CSC734 Intelligent and Multi-Agent Systems
Elective CSC735 Adv. Object Oriented Modeling with UML
Elective CSC736 Non-Linear Systems
Elective CSC738 Advanced Business Intelligence Systems
Elective CSC739 Advanced Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic
Elective CSC740 Multivariable Control System
Elective CSC741 Adaptive Control System
Elective CSC742 Network Management
Elective CSC743 Software Project & Quality Management
Elective CSC744 Operation Research Models & Simulation Techniques
Elective CSC745 Distributed Databases
Elective CSC746 Simulation & Modeling
Elective CSC748 Software Management & Estimation
Elective CSC749 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Elective CSC750 Cryptography and Network Security
Elective CSC751 Advanced Operating Systems
Elective CSC752 Distributed Computing
Elective CSC753 Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Elective CSC754 Artificial Neural Network
Elective CSC755 Enterprise Application Development
Elective CSC756 Machine Learning
Elective CSC757 Computational Intelligence
Elective CSC758 Advanced Computational Intelligence / Network Security
Elective CSC759 Advanced Software Evolution & Maintenance
Elective CSC760 Advanced Artificial Neural Networks
Elective CSC761 Advanced Topics In Database Systems
Elective CSC762 Advanced Network Architecture
Elective CSC764 Design Patterns
Elective CSC813 Machine Learning
Elective CSC836 Information Theory
Elective CSC701 Optimization Techniques
Elective CSC716 Data Science
Elective CSC631 Advance Topics in Data Base
Elective CSC502 Mathematics for Computing
Elective DSC602 Big Data Analysis
Elective CSC602 Advance Computer Vision
Elective DSC601 Evolutionary Computing
Elective DSC602 Pattern Recognition
Elective CSC605 Data Mining
Elective CSC606 Data Learning
Elective CSC537 Special Topics in Computer Science
Elective CSC531 Advance Software Engineering Techniques
Elective CSC512 Advance Computer Networks
Elective CSC514 Advance Network Programming
Elective CSC514 Mobile Computing