The computer science department at Iqra University operates to provide computing facilities for education, research and general computing needs for the university. Our mission is to provide computing education that develops the students’ breadth of knowledge across different subject areas of computer science. Furthermore, it enables them to develop ability to apply the different processes of computer science theory, design, and implementation to solve inter-disciplinary problems.

The curriculum includes courses in computer programming, mathematical foundations of computer science, automata theory, algorithms, complexity theory, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and other applications. Our well-designed undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs prepare our students for defining carriers in IT sectors, governmental sectors, law, corporate organizations or academia.

Our extra emphasis on developing entrepreneurial culture among our students, will provide them with the ideal platform to come up with the next big thing in tech and other industries.
We educate our brilliant students in bachelors and masters level courses; these courses are designed in accordance with HEC recommendations and are taught by our top-notch faculty.
Thus, our department is at the forefront of advancing research in developing computer systems, daftar situs slot sangat mudah  processes and their design and architecture. We aim to create a safe, diverse, inclusive, sustainable, and good future society through utilizing information and intelligence sciences