Session on Seerat Un Nabi

A one-day seminar on Seerat-un-Nabi was organized on January 25, 2023. The aim of seminar was to enlighten the different aspects of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) life.
Using this forum, the renowned and learned scholars and religious leaders emphasized the adoption of high moral values in our lives as instructed by our beloved Prophet (PBUH).
The fine list of speakers include:

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sani
Dr. Mufti Ijaz Ahmed Samdani
Muft Fazal Subhan
Dr. Umair Mehmood Siddiqui
Prof. Dr. Shahnaz Ghazi
Dr. Syyed Ghazanfar Ahmed

The Speakers said that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) pardoned his enemies, and maintained all relationships in an exemplary way, showed kindness and mercy to orphans and kids. His examples live on to lead us from darkness to light. They discussed set of principles from the teachings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and how young generation can incorporate them to improve their lives. He emphasized that all worldly & religious knowledge, cultural aspects, societal and human actions must be centered on one pivot and that is the name of Allah and teachings of Prophets Muhammad (PBUH). Because the message of Islam is final, comprehensive, and eternal.
The seminar received a great commendation from the audience.